Mars: Nasa robot InSight domain inspects inside a & # 39; planet


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InSight quickly returned his first picture from Elysium Planitia

Nasa's US spacecraft has landed a new robot on Mars after seven years of surface attack. Red Planet.

The InSight survey aims to explore the interior of the world, and make it like the same planet – as well as Earth – which was explored in this way.

A touchdown test came during a visit at 19:53 GMT.

He ended up waiting for anxiety in which the robot was bringing home on a line of his descendant refreshments.

The Laboratory Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Nasa mission control was attacked when it became clear. InSight was safe on the ground.

The organization's senior administrator, James Bridenstine, identified what he called "an amazing day". President Trump was presented to give congratulations, he told reporters. JPL director Mike Watkins said that the success should be remembered to everyone "we need to do science" and we need to be researchers. "

InSight is now sitting on a large, flat area known as Elysium Planitia, near the Red Planet center zone. Before they came ashore, Nasa was said to be "the largest park car on Mars".

The first picture of this landscape began rapidly, within minutes. He showed a puzzling, spectacular sight of the robot.

The photograph was taken through a horse with an intermittent lens of camera that was located on the other side of the man. The dump was started in a & # 39; It was a shore that saw much of the scene, but it was still possible to make a small rock, one of the legs of the sound and the sky on the horizon.

We will take better pictures in the future.

What happened in the land?

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Media permissionThe visit confirmation was marked by Nasa staff in California

Like Mars's previous land attempts, the Insight race was over to the surface of the page. The first attempt from 2012 – is a real issue.

Level and meter with a meter, the robot gave an account of the progress.

He had switched into the air faster than a high-speed wall, using a mix of rescuers, parasites and rockets to stop a simple stop.

InSight is a major badge that is now on Mars's hard surface to use its solar panels, which have been saved for its & # 39; clan.

The whole robot must start the power to operate its systems and to warm fit in the sub-zero temperature that continues to continue; Red Planet.

It is only when the worries that are currently taking care that Nasa can start to begin with; Thinking about the InSight scientific goal.

InSight: Mission from the heart of Mars

One of the great achievements in the InSight mission to date has been involved in the two detailed satellite sailors that were sent to Mars along with the robot.

This small spacecraft, known as MarCO A and B, has removing the test marks back to Earth as long as it is. as they went to the surface. The two cost less than $ 20m and their technologies are now sure they are; much more prominent on the future inter-evaluation initiatives.

And as if they were to emphasize their abilities, the small soldiers also gave a picture of Mars.

"After returning the entire data from InSight as long as the interesting route, entry and closing (EDL) is successful – you can not see before a photo built around 4,700 miles from Mars, about 10-15 minutes after EDL itself, "MarCO explained chief engineer Andy Klesh.


Caption of pictures

The Marco image of Mars. Grid on the right is the antenna that would be; using InSight scenes to Earth

What's different about the InSight mission?

This is the first trial to complete its searches to understand inside Mars. Scientists want to find out how the world is built – from its heart to its screen. InSight has three main tests to achieve this objective.

The first is a piece of Franco-British media singers that will be built on the surface to listen to "Marsquakes". These words appear where the rocky scenes are and what they are made of.

A "mull" system is German-led and will grow up to 5m into the ground to reduce temperature. planet. This will give an awareness of how active Mars is still.

And the third test will use a radio transmitter to provide a detailed confirmation of how it's done; planet to hit axis. The Suzanne Smrekar Project Scientist uses this interpretation: "If you take raw egg and cooked egg and you will surrender them, they will move to Differently because of the spread of fluoreshes in the indoor. And today we do not know if the heart is Mars is weary or hard, and how big it is that heart. InSight gives the information here. "

Why do we need to know about this?

Scientists know well how the interior of the Earth is structured, and they have a good model to describe the beginning of the architecture at the Solar Solar birth of more than 4.5 billion years ago. But there's only one data point and Mars will provides a different perspective for researchers on how to gather and change rocky plants during time.

Bruce Bardett, Chief Scientist, said: "The details of how planets are improving what we are thinking about making the difference between space like Earth You can go on a holiday and get a tan and a place like Venus where you burn in seconds or places like Mars, where you will die. "

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Media permissionBruce Banerdt: "At present, a picture of inside Mars would be artificial boundaries"

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