Mars, NASA's dream "to find a life on another planet". As well as the private people who provide a "corridor".


Deer and robots walking on the moon's silver sand. A space station that surrounds the sky as a bridge between Earth and our satellite. And as a helicopter travels on Mars, an examiner gives examples of an “alien” rock to take back to the Earth. It is like a science fiction film script, but in the last decades it should be true. Word from the main NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine, who attended the Kennedy Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral, with the name # Moon2Mars, highlighting the context in which the US space agency will be involved in the next decade. "We're ready to take astronauts back to the moon, this time to stay," said NASA's extra number. "We learn to live far from Earthand we will use it as we learn about the moon to make another big jump: astronauts Mars as well. "

In the year that NASA celebrates 50 years from the moon's past Apollo Mission 11, the number of the US space group keeps an eye on the new road to our satellite. With a 21 billion dollar budget for 2020, "NASA's history is one of the biggest recorded ever in history, stressing Bridenstine." The budget spends our ability to reach another world, t and to find a life on another planet".

Gate, the moon-going station looking to Mars
The NASA superintendent describes this new initiative as “a constant presence on and around the Moon”. The most recent looking on, like the human being, are the riders, landowners and robots, and the human explorer of the satellite soils "as before" weight on Bridenstine. To prove this regular presence on the lunar land, NASA, in collaboration with private companies and other growth agencies such as Europe Esa, the Japanese Jaxa, the Russians Roscosmos and the Canadian space agency, this will build a space station in the orbit around the moon. It's called Gateway, which is a doorway. In fact the ultra-ultimate aim is to return to our satellite: putting your foot on Mars's rusty sand for the first time.

Space agencies will buy their passwords; for individuals from Luna and Mars
“One of the most interesting aspects of this is access private individuals to new initiatives for the Moon and, in sight, to Mars ", Raffaele Mugnuolo, from the Geodesy Space Matera Center of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), to For the scientist, who deals with the Mars survey, explains t "the trend of space movements is changing dramatically." The road is now marked: more and more people are offering some space services, such as instrument transport and test systems, or satellites and communications systems. In this way, ASI enablers – space agencies – will follow the scientific work. purchasing a "round-the-scenes" walk to the moon, and future to Mars. Both for his own tests and, later, for the astronauts ".

The new voyage is due to start this year with me small moon sales. A few days ago, indeed, the first test flight without the private team Crew Dragon successfully completed. SpaceX, established by the visual engineer Elon Musk. The shuttle, which was inserted from rocket Falcon 9, reached the International Space Station, ISS, where he stayed as a lifeboat some days, before returning safely to Earth. entering the sea. Aiming from now on that American astronauts will have an opportunity to be find a way for a place, after retirement Spaceship which encouraged the US group to rely on safe and secure Russian Soyuz spas. The construction of the Gateway station will start in 2022. But this post will not only enter the inspection of the Moon and Mars, Bridenstine, "it will allow us to return it to our satellite. the opportunity for us to examine a deep space from a human space station ".

The launch of the original exhibition objective is registered in 2024. They can determine their ability to go down on the moon surface. In 2026 the second test exam will be carried out to test the system that met the moon's surface before the astronauts arrived. Then, by 2028, the first astronauts should have been moved from the station visiting the Gateway to the moon surface. T where they will wait for a registration period for a week.

Everything on Mars, at the start of traffic 2021 in the sky of the planet
In the Nasa budget it is funded also the next mission of Mars Mars 2020. According to reports from Bridenstine, it is also planned to carry a helicopter drone for future Mars research. For Mugnuolo, "even Esa," in collaboration with Roscosmos, begins the following year with a mission to Mars, t ExoMars 2020and also China is planning his own mission. "At the beginning of 2021, Mars will have lots of trams of traffic," the excitement expert. " they can take samples The first thing I killed is Martian's land. But NASA and ESA – ASI's researcher – are adding – they are already thinking about missing a joint mission reintroduce these examples into Earth in 2026-2027. This is the first mission to show a return journey from Mars. It is an essential step – Mugnuolo's decision – for the future of the red planet on the Red Planet ". After all, as an astrophysistist wishes to repeat it t Giovanni Bignami, who died in 2017, t the child, or child who is walking on Mars, has already been born.

Photo Luna: Dylan O 'Donnell and ESA

Gateway Gateway: NASA

Visiting the Moon and those using Orion: NASA / ESA / ATG Medialab

Luna and Mars logo: NASA

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