Mars One is dead


Mars One was divided into two campaigns, the Mars One Unprofessional Establishment and the Mars One campaign for profit. The Austrian-based Ventures were classified as a breach by Basel court on January 15 and was at the time of its value at almost $ 100 million. Mars One Ventures PLC, a UK registered branch, is registered as a dormant company with less than £ 20,000 in its accounts.

Data is unavailable on Mars One Foundation that does not have a profit, which he has financed by entering the licensing fees of its commercial partners. Speaking to Engadget, Bas Lansdorp said that the Foundation is still working, but can not work without further investment. Lansdorp refused to give further comment without saying that he was working with other parties "to resolve."

Instead of governments or philanthropy, Lansdorp believed that TV would give assets; needed to record the box. Mars One would be a backdrop for the most expensive factual show in the world when spectators on the way to look at it; a colony process. As part of the angle, Mars One changed its potential colonists from a volunteer group and made reports about it. These exhibits were sold to buyers and willing broadcasters who bought into the street.

It was the last name made by Mars One in July 2018, when it broke out of a contract contract with Phoenix Enterprises. Phoenix promised to fund its company with up to € 12 million throughout the year, which would be worth $ 14 million at the time. This money would be used to pay its license fee Mars Pay Foundation, re-list Mars One Ventures on the exchange of Frankfurt stock and hosting a colonial selection. That, apparently, is involved in "bringing together candidates in a vacant place of team skills exams."

The challenging objectives of Mars One were considered as a matter, due to the fact that the television economics of fact compared to the cost of a rocket box. MIT researchers have raised a large number of applications that have been sent by MIT. project, suggesting that Lansdorp's plan should be killed rapidly for all colonies. It is a point that Lansdorp has a refusing an interview on this website back in 2015.

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