Mars was drifted by great rivers: researchers


Larger and more powerful rivers than those flowing on Mars were later in the history of the previous planet, a study has shown.

The bleak deep watercourses introduced Martian surfaces into "hundreds of places", said scientists.

Photographic images and data from Nasa's democracy signify that many of the rivers are twice as wide as those on Earth.

Perhaps they are still there for less than one billion years ago, the evidence is coming.

The results are a mystery, as scientists thought the Planet Red was losing their feelings and drying out at the moment.

Dr Edwin Kite, from the University of Chicago, said: "It is already difficult to explain rivers or lochs based on our information. This is making difficulty even more difficult."

The amount of water flowing through the river channels was assessed at between three and 20 kilograms per square meter per day.

The team examined more than 200 Martian river beds that were transcending the planet.

The size and handle of the swords and the size of the rounded ears that they gave gave descriptions of the dimensions and strength of water that once ran through.

Strangely, it seemed that the rivers were flowing to the 'last geological minute' before the planet was evacuated, the researchers in the Science Advances magazine said.

"You would expect them to stop gradually over time, but that's not what we see," said Dr Kite. “The rivers are shorter – hundreds of kilometers instead of thousands – but distribution is still strong.

"The rainy day of the year is still very wet."

One chance was that there was a "on / off" movement in the Martian climate that brought back and between dry and wet walks, he said.

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