Marshall described the second generation mobile speakers


Marshall представила второе поколение портативной колонкиSpecific design allows the audio signal to be extended and generated.

The Marshall company introduced the second generation of Killburn mobile speakers. The device was designed according to the ideas of the British engineer, Alan Blumlein, who became the founder of stereo recording.

Specific design allows the audio signal to be extended and reconfigured in different rights, and # 39; 360-degree sound sound.

In addition to a new new audio column, Kilburn Marshall II received a fresh vision. The face is covered by a metal skin commonly used in microphones, and a migration serves as a guitar strap. The case cover made in the Marshall style amyl vinyl style. Acoustic systems reinforce corners as well as IPX2 protection levels that allow you to use the column on the street.

Marshall Kilburn II has 2.5 pounds, which makes it easy to carry. Battery will last for 20 hours of play. A battery level can be monitored through the hallmarks of the household.

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