Mars's probe has a wonderful challenge to safely land Science


The Nasa devices on Monday start start-ups; What's happening in the place: they try to land a robot spacecraft on Mars.

In this case, they will try to place the declaration, InSight, to a place called Elysium Planitia where he expects to go to; explore crazy activity on the red planet.

More tests have been added to Mars than any other planet in the solar system but more than half of these initiatives have ended with failure, with the final stages, slowly into the Martian surface, and prove that they are particularly dangerous and not successful.

Mars has a thin atmosphere – only 1% of the Earth – which means that there is not much waste to clear spacecraft, which has played an important part in the past failure. So, the Nasa engineers who manage the $ 800m InSight craft after a 300 million mile trip at a small target belt in the atmosphere of the plants; only 15 miles to 6 miles.

If InSight passes through this audiohole directly, it should go to the center of the Elysium Planitia, although rescue capsules, parachute and rockets are still needed to cut the distance from 12,000 to 5mph and secure it until that is safe after your seven-minute descendants.

The most recent attempt to land on Mars was made two years ago with a European survey, which fell on the surface of the planet. However, Nasa is still sure it's successful.

It is hoped that InSight – which stands for Inside Investigation is a & # 39; Using Seismic Studies, Geodesy and Heat Transport – which help scientists to; Understanding how Mars and the development of other planets in the solar system, including the Earth, using instruments to deeply examine the planet's surface temperature temperatures and temporary activity.

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