Martin Dúbravka praised Japanese young talent, with others screaming in bed


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Just as a month ago, 23-year-old Patrik Schick decided to divide the Czech-Slovak repository football (1: 0) Monday Monday. The attack, MP Rím, was well-directed on the attack line, with astonishment of our defense and we went into a separate escape, which ended with a lobster over the & # 39 ; uncomfortable wrestler, Martin Dúbravka.

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It was as soon as the right defender, Peter Pekarík, had a clear and clear picture after his game of the fall of the Japanese and the winning goal.

"I need to watch it again from the table," he said Š representative protection and continuation column, "I thought there was a hard start in the middle of the field, and then the Cheics came in, Patrik Schick was very good and had a very simple situation."

The defenders were left with Martin Dúbravka's goal, but nothing was successful. "We were very high. We tried to hit our faces. There are also a few months in football. The Czech National Team has a high quality football team and the completion is Patrik Schick is a perfect choice. We must admit that the goal was very good. He fell more than that, " Named as a guardian after us after the last tin whistle.

On the other hand, the Vitesse Ranger, Matus Bero, said he had a good luck. "We lost a bit of fortune. To return the ball to us as it happened to them. They took the ball, defended and beat (Patrik Schick) running on their player. I do not think he knew how …, " Trencin football forests.

Czech stripper Patrik Schick puts the goal of Slovakia

Czech stripper Patrik Schick puts the goal of Slovakia

Well: TASR

Instead of two seconds, they needed five

After the defeat, the Slovak agreement on one. The tide in Eden Arena was not the best shape. "I've got a big ball. I have to say it's not the expected range. I thought it was obvious that all the links to the member were. instead of the usual two seconds, we needed four or five. This will continue to drag on its entire game and then it has lost light. In a short time, it was not easy, but we can not & # 39; we are constrained not to allow the land to play what we wanted. There was something to change, but we did not. " Matus Bero, 23, again, said.

Worker midfielder Jan Gregus continued on the subject: "We can talk about the best path in the best quality, but they visited a visit and we did not do so. So, it does not matter what the torch was We all know it's not a hundred percent, but it does not have an interest to be named at all. "

He also liked Martin Dúbravka. "The game was very poor, but the two teams had the same contract to the course," nothing was played by a guardian of Newcastle United United.



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