Martin Fayulu makes a sense of the Butembo population


He performed this action at his meeting on Friday, February 15, 2019 in this town of North Kivu, in the Democratic Republic. Chongo. An unhappy advocate at the president's election on 30 December 2018, he asked the public to take part in the response to Ebola by sending him a " Monitor sanitary measures as the services of the Supreme Health Ministry. to complete this disease.

Martin Fayulu

Next day, Saturday, February 16, 2019, he coordinated the response to Butembo where Dr Aaron Aruna, National Co-ordinator, placed the condition of his illness as well as the challenges facing the teams responded. Opposition, especially the waste of the community. He then visited the Ebola Medical Center (CTE) in Katwa where he said he was dissatisfied with patient care and organizational response. He also praised the ability and dedication of the national and international teams he met.

Martin Fayulu

However, he supported his role in the fight against Ebola to be aware of the people who need to understand the disease. He reminded of the prevention measures, in particular to wash hands regularly, without going to # 39; touch each other by greeting each other, and going to the health center as soon as he appears; first mark. He completed his journey by encouraging community leaders to support the response teams.


From the beginning of the crisis, the 837 random number of cases, with 772 of these being confirmed and 65 are essential. In total, 533 deaths (46 confirmed and 65 were essential) and 291 people treated. 155 cases suspected of investigation; 2 new confirmed cases, including 1 in Katwa and 1 in Vuhovi; 3 new deaths of affirmative cases, including 2 community deaths, 1 in Katwa, 1 in Vuhovi. The other death is that of the Ebola Center (ETC) in Butembo. Despite this, 4 new people have been cured, and including 3 routes from CTE Beni and 1 from CTE from Katwa.

However, 80,104 people were immunized from the start of their vaccine on 8 August 2018, including 20,547 in Beni, 20,241 in Katwa, 9,555 in Butembo, 6,076 in Mabalako, 2,746 in Kalunguta, 2,481 in Goma, 2,200 in Komanda, 2,007 in Oicha, 1,663 in Mandima, 1,325 in Kyondo, 1,283 in Kayina, 1,157 in Karisimbi, 1,094 in Bunia, 1,064 in Vuhovi, 920 in Masereka, 772 in Mutwanga, 700 in Lubero, 590 in Rutshuru, 567 in Bina, 546 in Musienene, 527 in Nyankunde, 496 in Mangurujipa, 376 in Rwampara, 355 in Tchomia, 254 in Alimbongo, 207 in Kirotshe, 125 in Nyiragongo, 120 in Mambasa, 97 in Watsa (Haut -Uélé) and 13 in Kisangani.

It should be noted that the same vaccine is used in the & # 39; This rupture is a rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine, made by a & # 39; Merck Medical Group, following agreement with the Determination Committee in decision on 19 May 2018.

Judith Asina

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