Martin Truex Jr. car owner to escape from an opportunity to lose


HOMESTEAD, Fla. – Barney Visser hosted after a driver, Martin Truex Jr., completed one short site of the title title from the NASCAR Cup Series series.

Visser said he was even easy to & # 39; smile after the 2018 season boundaries at Homestead-Miami Speedway although he knew that the NASCAR Cup 14-year series was run as a member of the Furniture Row Racing team as Visser named in September team after the 2018 season.

Truex, who appeared the most afield, tried to win a race (and the title) before a 20 loop warning; left, and then led him to restart with 15 loops left. But Joey Logano, with the best run, led by 12 loops to go.

"[My emotions] throughout the board, still, "said Visser." We had that. We were winning and we lost it. But that's a racing, that's what we called to be done 14 years ago, right?

"Fear, he's been funny. What is a good deal of people. The best is the best fun on the ground. I am happy to have been part of it as long as I am. Yes. That's my name, I'm thinking. "

For Truex, it was difficult to surrender the feathers after the race and just come to a short place.

"I'm very proud of everyone on our team for hard fighting this year to find out where we were, and without it eventually it was in the bag , I'm thinking, "said Truex, who joined the team in 2014."[It] It's a bit tough and I'll miss everyone, and I'm going to miss it. Five year hell feel with this team. "

The race was a & # 39; The last round for Furniture Row Racing was to learn the team in July that 5-hour Energy would not be given for the 14-raid support and the team could not convert the funding to These costs are paid in addition to high taxes to continue with cars from Joe Gibbs Rèisean as part of a technical union.

Achieving 17 races, and # 39; including 16 in the last three years, in his five quarters of Furniture Row, which was the most successful run. by a group of Truex. He will be with the co-crew Cole Pearn and a number of team members. 78, moving to JGR next year. The 38-year Truex replaces Daniel Suarez in the No. 19 car.

"Getting from a two-race winner to a winner of 19 races, a competition, a quarter in points, the second in points, it's just been amazing," said Truex about the fun days of the furniture. "Everything about it has been brilliant." Everything about the best thing I've ever been part of.

"I feel good about my future and going to a good place, and I know that we will have more success. But it's different. It will be a team of inter- A different card of characters, and these people were a special group, and I am very grateful to work with them all. "

The team tried to keep things as often & # 39; as possible and did not take a few minutes to mark the final race but to team building.

"It's hard to lose that way," said Pearn. "But I'm still very proud of that effort.

"Everyone said we could not do it and we did, and then come out here and the best one we have and what Coming close to winning her play is very incredible … I try to tell everyone we will keep the brilliant stuff to after the race and we will focus on everything [race-wise] in front. "

Visser made his first Cup car in 2005 and won his & her; His first run by Regan Smith in 2011. Kurt Busch made the playoffs for the team in 2013 and Truex came in the next year after leaving it to a trip when NAPA Auto Parts supported Michael Waltrip Administration a & 39; continue the use of the Richmond race.

During many of the formal seasons, Visser paid for his team through the Furniture Row Racing mat.

"There's a lot of stress – we have invested a lot of money in this way over the years and I have not been able to do that in the future," said Visser. "That's the only thing I'm thinking about [closing] e.

"I lost the people. I miss the people. We were able to combine a team that was as good as anyone else out there."

The Visser team was not so often – it was based in Denver (Colorado) far away from the NASCAR center in Charlotte.

"I'm not sorry," said Visser. "If someone told me tomorrow you were going to start up such an enterprise, although it was more expensive than you wanted to do and you were going to compete and finish the second one on your last time, I will repeat it at the heart of it. "

It was an interesting choice of words. Visser received a heart attack last year and could not be with the team when he won his title. Visser was able to attend the Sunday race for the final race and compete.

"My health is terrible," said Visser. "That's a good feeling. I can accommodate that. Last year, I did not know what to do.

"This is good. Life is good."

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