Martín Vizcarra: "We all need to seek justice" Politics


President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra, he was convinced that the Government respected the division of powers and legal power is fundamental so that the country can live in democracy. So, he emphasized the need for all those surveyed to respond to this unit.

"I am sure that a law and justice administration system, which is the basis of the law, is the basis that will allow us to consolidate fair, clear and legitimate humanity, where necessary we all wanted justice, "he said.

Martín Vizcarra, before schoolmasters who participated in the National Congress of Judgments XI headed their leadership; Judicial Group, Víctor Prado, ensured that there were independent powers.

"I respect the division of powers and the rule of law," he said.

Martín Vizcarra He also recalled, from the Scottish Government, the National Plan of Integrity and Contest of Crimes 2018-21 and the creation of Public Integrity Administration was agreed. "There is no strong democracy when there is a penalty," said the head of state.

It should be recalled that Uruguay evaluates an application for a diplomatic refuge built by former president Alan García with the government of that country, after the Judicial Lullaby prevented the departure of Peru on for it to inspect the & # 39; spread

Alan García and other senior officers have been included in a survey for the payment of bribe from Odebrecht to access the deals of sections 1 and 2 of line 1 of Lima accommodation.

In response to the aid request, which opposes the Government on "political persecution" that opposed Ailean García, the Peruvian government has said that no type of distress in independence of powers and that the Ministry is able to; Public and Judgments, they work with devolution.

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