Martínez Intendant was lamenting he was willing to travel from France to San Antonio in the mid- National portraits


The District Ward, Jorge Martínez, lamented that the "Le Boreal" voyage was sent to San Antonio due to spread in Valparaíso.

In this regard, although the authority acknowledged that San Antonio currently has conditions for those vessels to be better than their destination, he ensured that paralyzed there "Incredible Workers" he creates a direct impact in his / her decision to choose a sea destination or another.

In particular, this French climber 142 meters long and just over 200 tons of weight, Your application for official booking has been made for this Saturday.

In this regard, Jorge Martinez declared this information and it was also difficult to stop a ship that is a stay in repair at the moment Socgy Doc launching Sociber III.

Initially, he would stay in the & # 39; comune and use this port as a starting point for his trip from Chile to Argentina. However, this will not be more.

The largest regional authority said that the damage made to Valparaíso is huge, saying that they will continue to continue. becoming the center of conflict it is private, Its effects are of public interest.

Pressure (Millibars)

Consultation on which the disagreement of the boat to San Antonio responds solely to an international struggle like this, or if it is; The most recent portal of these vessels is more attractive and attractive to the operators of these vessels, due to its proximity to Casablanca and in the case of the wine department, Martinez added to him These conditions, but said that the damage caused to the uncertainty for companies – based on this kind of conflict – no doubt

Pressure (Millibars)

These final declarations of the master were made after the final summit of the port cities, a record already registered and at the presence of the Housing Minister, Cristián Monckeberg, who appeared The situation of subject progress is directly related to the port of Valparaíso, the way the project is opening the Mono Barón section for the public.

What is this link to the conflict of ports? Huge, since it was 14 hectares where this initiative is to be established, the transport societies are considered the best solution for storage, one of the major problems facing its location. ports, and to find out more than anything else – in & # 39; conflicts before.

In this regard, Cristián Monckeberg made sure that this section of marine boundaries needs mixed use, walking and port of the citizen, which could help to solve its & # 39; tunes. Indeed, he said "The Valparaíso port does not pass through (Baron)".

Pressure (Millibars)

Also, there is no conflict with ports because the day is not; going to show great progress to be resolved.

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