Martinot Lagarde will win and go. accelerating 60m clubs – Athletics


The impact of Pascal Martinot-Lagarde was more than 60m of the amount; The most important part of the Liévin (Pas-de-Calais) athletic meeting was Sunday, when Ethiopia Genzebe defeated Dibaba's attempt to record a world of 1,000 m. In a net room, Hurdler of France, who lost the best French defeat of Wilhem Belocian (7.61 at Metz earlier in the day), was defeated by winning his race in 7 sec 57 / 100th, five percent better than its best brand in Berlin.

"In the playoffs (7.64) I wanted to improve my best performance of the season and I was on the right track. In the final, it was necessary to let the horses goThe European ceremony in the 110m badly affected, which is placed at the 10 world backs of this season, and # 39; making the road a good way to the European Championships in Glasgow (from 1 to 3 March).

The last guests, the Jimmy Vicaut and Teddy Tamgho companies were not as successful. Badly, the sprinter moved the third place in the 60m in 6 sec 64 / 100th, away from Ivorian Arthur Cisse (6.57), for what its interior appearance was on the season. The triple dolphin, which indicated to participate in the evening, was satisfied with 15.92 m. He finished the sixth in a winning match by Burkinabe Hughes-Fabrice Zango (17.09m).

No world record for Dibaba

Overweight in the evening, females did not have 1,000m; meet expectations. If Genzebe won Dibaba's race, she stayed away from the globally targeted (2: 37.40 against 2:30:30 for Maria Mutola in 1999). Part of a good foundation but rapidly alone, she finished very hard and she was only a few meters ahead of Winnie Nanyondo Uganda (2: 37.80). Another rally disappointed from the man's pole, where Sam Kendricks Ameireagaidh influenced Piotr Lisek of Poland. But the two men can not go wrong; higher than 5.71 m. Far from the best Kendricks achieved Saturday in Rouen (5.90 m). In women's department, the Ninja Frenchwoman Guillon-Rosemary took the second place with 4.57m. "I'm very happy with what I did, there were interesting things for the future," she said.

He had been as sad as his first two years, but Martinot-Lagarde thought that he was still not suitable, to win a few hundred, despite Orlando Ortega not his companion . In the playoffs, it had already been an interesting time about 7 & 64. He took the chance to take the best French performance of the season, a few hours after the 7th of the time Wilhem Belocian got in Metz.

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