Márton Gyöngyösi feels he is often excused


It has been a recent complaint for it, so it's not a n "#; addressing the case again – so Marton Gyöngyösi replied that the debate had arisen in the days: the Nazis that would have been the case; registering Jewish members of parliament. The politicians' words have been a great deal of six years since they have been very encouraging on the left, but today Jobbik's campaigners come together in a loud voice, he said in the " M1 Newsletter.

Many times, he disturbed him on March today to Márton Gyöngyösi when he asked if he was in agreement with Gergely Christmas, who does not. Thinking of the Nazis to have been given a list to the previous Jewish representatives, or rather than thinking about having a & # 39; Rabbbi was confirmed at the forefront of the United Arab Republic of Hungary as an author, He recently spoke that Gergely Gábor Christmas was standing by Márton Gyöngyösi, crossing a border.

According to Márton Gyöngyösi, these statements do not have to respond.

Jobbik's current vice president in 2012 spoke of the need for a list of Jewish delegates. This was then convicted by all challenging parties. Socialist Újhelyi István, as the post-president of the parliament, placed a yellow star on his head, DK asked for a ban on the boss; and Gergely Karhaj, who was still politically in LMP's colors at that time, was worried that the bad statement had not been previously in Jobbik. The MSZP president at that time believed to be a virus; in fascism, and was a virus entertaining; in Jobbik.

Marton Gyöngyösi is elected as Deputy President of Jobbik. The challenging parties are now coming against her; party is virtually no outdoors. Gergely Karörös, who has been a MSZP master since then, is one of the largest people who support the collaboration with Jobbik, as DK Gyurcsány did. For a long time, LMP has not said that there is no co-operation.

Until now, virtually his Liberal ruler is not on his / her; Casework was built with Jobbik only. Ádám Sermer Friday wrote that we can not be tolerant of today's fans of Nazi ideology.

According to his minister, Head of Office; Prime Minister, there is an agreement between the government and opposition parties that Márton Gyöngyösi's ideas are unsuitable, but now the left parties tend to be against themselves as an alternative to power.

Gulyás Gulyás said that these parties are on the left Ahead who was always talking to modernism now; trying to get involved in a semitic scandal, a party that was largely marked.

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