Marvel Cinematic Universe Level 4: All films announced so far and when the X-Men and Fantastic Four may be members of the MCU t


Avengers: Endgame concluding “The Infinity Saga” – the name of the first three stages of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Producer Kevin Feige hasn't confirmed the future of suffrage's suffrage and has revealed a number of reports on what can be expected of the current shifts and the results we can expect. over the coming years.

So, what films are coming in at Level Four? And Disney – who now has the 20th Fox Fox – will introduce four X-Men and Fantastic characters?

Below is all the information we know about the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Spider: Far from the home (ETA: 2019)

Spider: Far from the home The only film Marvel was officially nominated after an email.Avengers: Endgame. Tom Holland returns with the heroine online, though it was awakened by Thanos. Infinity War. Does that mean that the Avengers are successful in triumphing Thanos and bringing back their friends? Endgame? It seems.

Whatever the case, another Spider-Man movie is coming and he introduces villain Mysterio at Jake Gyllenhaal. Look at the trailer above.

Black Widow (ETA: 2020)

Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

Scarlett Johansson, for too long, has been staying away to the other Avengers. No more, because the black-ear black player gets his own film.

As with all of the following titles, Marvel had not yet verified the solo film. However, the Australian filmmaker Cate Shortland is famous for the Nazi drama BreuganHe has already begun his career as a director and has written the script with Jac Schaeffer from Marvel Captain. Florence Pugh has also been with the team, playing spy on the same line as Natasha Romanoff who will be her 'moral face'.

Black Widow will be looking the next day on the Marvel Cinematic allowance which goes to cinemas, as the filming begins in June. It means that the action will take place on 1 May 2020, without request.

The Eternals (ETA: 2020)

The filmmaker Rider Chloé Zhao was appointed to make a change The Eternals, with Matthew cousins ​​and Ryan Firpo. The character Sersi is still centrally focussed.

The Eternals I expect it will start burning at the end of the year and is expected to arrive after a Black Widow. Therefore the film dated 2020 may be set down by Marvel: 6 November 2020.

Shang-Chi (ETA: 2021)

The fighting artist Shang-Chi (Marvel Comics)

Reports have shown that there is a Shang-Chi film based on the film. The studio will be the first translator and the Chinese-American writer Dave Callahan has written the script. Destroy Daniel Cretton (Short term 12) has been employed to manage the film, which has been described as "fast-moving" by Marvel.

No decisions were made and no film dates were announced. Shang-Chi he may take one of Marvel's three distribution records: 12 February, 7 May, or 5 November.

Black Panther 2 (ETA: 2021)

Thinking about how Black Panther he quickly became one of Marvel's most successful films so far (through Infinity War in the US and being named Oscar for the Best Picture, it is little wonder that there is a path on the way.

Ryan Coogler will return to a script and lead the order. Again, no film date has been identified but many expect the series to adopt one of those 2021 dates.

Strange doctor 2 (ETA: 2021)

Benedict Cumberbatch in a scene from Doctor Strange # 39;

Benedict Cumberbatch character returns, though it is turned into dust Infinity War. Scott Derrickson will lead as director, with the hope that filming will commence in early 2020. t Strange doctor the third Marvel scene in 2021.

Defenders of the Galaxy Vol 3 (ETA: 2022)

The third man Galaxy Protectors the rationale was expected to begin filming in early 2019 and to reach in 2020. However, Disney decided to the fire director James Gunn after the US powerful website found tweets made between 2008 and 2012 during which he pledged on issues such as pedophilia and rape.

However, after a series of meetings between chair Walt Disney Studios, Alan Horn and Gunn, the company decided to return the decision. In the meantime, Gunn agreed to restart Self-squad. That DC's title is the next movie of Guinness, with Galaxy Protectors follow up.

That means, of course, that the film was shot back. Currently the three deadlines for Marvel are available for 2022 – 16 February, 6 May, and 29 July – Defenders Vol 3 it might take one of these places.

Captain Marvel 2? Avengers 5? Blade?

Time poster 'Captain Marvel'; (Marvel / Disney)

There are two more separate dates with no connection. The opportunities, although not firmly established, are one Captain Marvel relic. Brie Larson's success in the box office was a great success and he will play an important part in it Endgame. By Marvel as the dirty studio, we expect that you will send out an application very quickly.

Last visit: 2022 will mark three years since then Endgame. What other Avengers, who are realizing a new line, can be on the way?

Maybe it's another film about Blade, the vampire player who once played with Wesley Snipes. Legend has it that the actor met Marvel to talk about the play again – although this was now a few years ago.

Certainly Marvel has some new words … t

The X-Men and the Very Good Four

Disney on 20 Century Fox has got for just over $ 71 billion, meaning that the X-Men and Fantastic Four can be combined with their future Marvel Cinematic Universe collaborations. Although it is said that Feige has met several members of the X-Men team over recent months, it is estimated that only one of the actors currently involved at the level will be as Marvel. The runner: Deadpool made Ryan Reynolds's.

So what about the forthcoming X-Men messages? Dark Phoenix Already registered and is still going into cinema on 6 June. In moving to watch from the film from X-Men's license, the marketing was as it used to draw on “X-Men” and draw on the film as Dark Phoenix.

Aig an aon àm, thug sin buaidh mhòr air Mutants ùra Tha e air a bhith ann an trioblaid airson greis. Tha ceannardan Disney fhathast gun an tionndadh làithreach den fhilm fhaicinn, ged a tha feum air aithris gu bheil ath-thòiseachadh gan dèanamh.

Mar sin, cuin a chì sinn na X-Men a ’sabaid ri taobh nan Avengers? Bidh aig Feige ri suim mhòr a chaitheamh an-toiseach, a ’dìochuimhneachadh beagan chùmhnantan, gu sònraichte an riochdaire Lauren Shuler Donner, a tha air a bhith ceangailte ris a h-uile film X-Men bho 2000. Fiù nuair nach eil iad an sàs gu dìreach ann am pròiseact X-Men, fhuair i creideas riochdaire gnìomha. Is dòcha gu bheil cùmhnant coltach ri Simon Kinberg cuideachd, agus tha e coltach gum feumar an dà rud a cheannach no ath-cho-rèiteachadh.

Aon uair 's gu bheil sin air a rèiteachadh, feumaidh Disney co-dhùnadh dè na caractaran a thig air bòrd. Tha e air aithris gun do choinnich Feige ri Noah Hawley, a chaidh fhastadh roimhe seo gus am film Doctor Doom a sgrìobhadh, mu bhith a ’sgrìobhadh film a bha a’ nochdadh air an amharasach Fantastic Four.

Cha robh naidheachd sam bith eile ann mu na filmichean X-Men no Fantastic Four. Le clàr mar-thà aig Marvel mar-thà, chan eil neach sam bith an dùil na caractaran sin fhaicinn air ais air an sgrìn mhòr gu 2022 aig a ’chiad latha, mura h-eil, ma dh'fhaoidte, ann am film àrd-neach eile. Dotair Doom airson Avengers 5 tanaich, neach sam bith?

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