Marvel's Stan Lee: Farewell with the man who will never change comics


CLEVELAND, Ohio – B & B news; There was a shocking comic fans, but they knew what was coming: Stan Lee is away.

The creator, co-creator, Spider-Man, the Avengers, the Fantastic Four and thousands of other characters of comics, television and film at the age of 95 died at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles on Monday.

And, unlike its characters that manage their & # 39; case to escape after a death sentence, this liberator will not return the comedy business.

I grew up reading & # 39; Superman and Batman & DC Comics, stories where the beautiful heroes were, The beautiful women could tell stories in 10 pages, usually with a happy ending. The bad people were bad – but they were not in a frightening, frightening way – and everyone would use jackets and ties, even while & # 39; as they were stolen by banks. At that time, Marvel was sent to her. Most about monsters, and herdsmen, not superheroes.

Then the writer Stan Lee and the photographer Jack Kirby introduced "Fantastic Four" Number 1 in late 1961.

What kind of comic book was this? The heroes will argue among themselves. One is a monster in one of them and is a very ugly man; in crime with a bad eye. And people died in those books, indeed died.

The characters spoke as people I knew, and the stories did not always come to an end.

Lee looked at the Marvel Universe as an incomplete place, and changed comics forever. Lee referred to his late wife, Joan, by encouraging him to tell the stories he wanted, not to tell DC. The Hulk, Spider-Man, the Avengers were made quickly and thousands of other characters were then followed. They were all co-created by Lee.

Lee joined Marvel Comes (then Timely Comics) in 1939 at the age of 17 as a copyboy. In 1941, he graduated to write a Captain of America and superhero books as Marvel had to; compete with DC and other companies in the superhero species. After the Second World War a comic sales came to the company to suspend the superhero line.

Lee stayed as a writer and editor. Half-heart transcription of superherographic subtitles in 1953 in two years. Lee Lee was one of his last staff when he got his / her. going on for a superhero book in 1961 to compete with the League of Sales in America.

Although the Four Four in the night did not notice, he sold it well enough to continue. Shortly, readers were listening to the kind of new comics that Marvel had to; created. At the end, even DC would go to; solving and affecting Marvel's brown style.

In the Lee world, Spider-Man was a teenager who had problems with money and worried about girls! The Hulk was a fascinating scientist who turned to an unstable monster. Iron Man was an army maker who learned the hard way his bombs started.

Chrom Lee and Kirby invented the way comics were created. At DC, the writer would describe a page with a panel with a panel, which led the artist to unite the loyal to what he was told in a hard and hard format. There were no panels or strange characters that would talk to the reader.

Lee and Kirby had unusual symbiosis. There are famous stories about Lee who jump around Marvel's offices; playing the scenes he wrote. Then Kirby would drag the pages as he showed them and fill the word ballads and subtitles. But their caves were as big as their talents. Kirby felt that he was a co-author; there, or even one author of the books. In fact, Stan agreed and his relationship was; bending. Kirby left Marvel and went to work at DC.

For many of the first 10 years after "Fantastic Four" No. 1, Lee wrote most of the Marvel titles – even the oldest books and teenage books such as "Millie the Model" with Kirby and others. His product was superhuman.

He went on to become a publisher and then became a good ambassador for the company until he died. He moved to California to try to bring a marvel to television and the films.

Marvel Comics has created a cinematic play based on Lee characters and fans can see Lee competitions in every movie. At least three people have already done for future films.

Tony Isabella, the Medina who created "Black Lightning" for DC, won the start of Marvel Comics, where he learned from Lee.

"Every writer in comics that came after said that Stan would have a debt," he said. "Everything I learned about writing is that every character is good and bad, even the offenders. This made for stories that were much more interesting."

Gary Guzzo was appointed to Marvel in 1991 to handle publicity for the fan market. He said he was the best part of his work with Lee to appear in colleges and comic shops throughout the country.

"Stan was always grateful to fans and wanted to know that," said Guzzo. "As fans continue to have a comic signature, Stan would say" something dead "to them. He would say that his famous audio show & Excelsior & # 39; (Latin for ever up & down) to one and> Hello true believer to the next one. He said he wanted to make the fan a & # 39; feeling he was just talking to him, so he would always wait until the fan was out of ears before he started saying the welcome- again. "

"I can say that he missed her honestly what he did and he was proud of what his comics grew," said Guzzo.


Stan Lee's famous tag line
Stan Lee's famous tag line Marvel Comics
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