Mary Lowry's recording available on hard driving


The jury heard in the Tipperary murder trial that Mary Lowry has registered with a person who began to get near a year after Bobby Ryan had failed to drive hard drive. home from Patrick Quirke.

Ms Lowry returned to the witness box today to prove that the guards were recording her eight-minute record.

In this recording, she talks to Flor Cantillon, her contemporary, who loved her, between 2012 and 2014.

Mr Cantillon gave evidence and noted his voice on record. The two witnesses said that they did not allow anyone to register the conversation.

Mr Quirke, of Breanshamore, Co Tipperary, is accused of murdering Mr Ryan, a part-time DJ Mr Moonlight.

Mr Quirke has been guilty of the murder of Mr Ryan in an unidentified location between 3 June 2011 and 30 April 2013.

Mr Ryan's body was found in a tank which had been worn out at Ms Lowry's farm two years after he was lost.

Mr Quirke had been previously renting on farm rent which was a previous affair with Ms Lowry.

Scheduled, Ms Lowry finds herself laughing when she reads from a newspaper problem in which a woman says she has found out that she is dressing.

Detective Sergeant John Keane told the court he had played the noise to Ms Lowry and Mr Cantillon earlier this year. He said the record was kept on a hard drive which had been captured from Mr Quirke's home on 17 May 2013.

Flor Cantillon told the court that he met Ms Lowry in Killarney on the 2012 St Patrick's weekend and that she was in love with her until 2014, with a short rest between them.

He said that he often lived at her house at Fawnagowan in Tipperary. He said they would buy newspapers and read the trouble pages.

In January this year he was asked to go to Tipperary Garda Station where the recording was recorded for him.

He said he heard Ms Lowry's voice clearly on the tape and he could hear her voice. He said he wasn't sure first of his voice but when he heard more about the tape he marked his own voice.

Ms Lowry said she confirmed she was "100% sure" it was her voice on the tape. She confirmed to the lawyer Michael Bowman that she had not recorded the conversation and refused to register anyone else.

Ms Ms Lowry's brother, Eddie Quigley, told the court that Mr Quirke was not pleased that his sister was involved with Mr Ryan and that he had asked him to "feel" in it.

He said: "He had nothing to say about Bobby Ryan and he was saying that he was playing music and outside at the end of the night. He asked me to speak to her. Bobby Ryan, I thought Mary's decision was, what she wanted to do.

Mr Quigley said his sister was "devastating" after her husband Martin died and he was sorry to deal with it. He said that he felt like she was running away and that he had never talked about his death. "She might have to speak to someone but she didn't, she tried to get on as well as she could," he said.

His testimony is again tomorrow.

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