Mary Steenburgen and Ted Danson are the largest collection in the world, the time


Tell what you want about something literally, but if we do not agree that Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen are the best couple in the world, do not talk. Some Relationship is a foundation mo whole life. I know that sounds are amazing, and it's, but also it's real, tough. Let me explain.

These two cool children have been with us forever.

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As Mary said, that's about a billion years in Hollywood time.

I'm not sure that this love is true? Well, it's in Ted's Instagram so obvious biod that means it's legit.

Everything they say each other means that I want to die (in a good way).

But this relationship is only about what they say about each other or how well they are doing; look together.

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It's love, people. The relationship !!!

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Here's the people's # 1: Ted did not mark his birthday last year, and so this year she was surprised by Mary again and again.

Instagram: @mary_steenburgen

I talk about amazing airplane, dining sets, and amazing parties with friends. I did that!

For the evidence of the # 3 people I give to & # 39; This idea Mary left Ted's Instagram.

And for the evidence of the # 4 population I show how big & # 39; Jones is in love with them as a couple.

Also, January Jones, the same thing!

So yes, as I said, these are the largest couple in the world.

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Talk to me if you do not agree !!!!!

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