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Mary Synatsakis as she appeared with her Instagram suffers from a skin condition, called rosacea, and is not difficult. The beautiful producer, indeed, has posted a personal account at Instagram from the back of the scenes of the "In our Health, kids" show, where she was invited and destroyed last Friday.

However, some people on the internet gave a negative idea after the show, and Mary Synatsakis, they decided … put their shoes by posting a picture of her, face, for example without scanners and make up, along with the following idea:

"This is my skin today. Without any sieve or anything. At this time every day is at least. Depending on the weather, what I eat, day of cycling , my stress. I have rosary acne and the day the "In Our Health" exhibition was recorded, it was a bad day for me.

When it is painted, it will look worse than clothes, and so I'm going to paint it; Go to videos and pictures in 80% of the issues that are not shown.

Given the ideas that I have ever seen and who want to & # 39; Treating my skin on the TV, let me tell you I'm not embarrassed.

I try to make improvements because sometimes it's going to do it; taste a bit, or I'm feeling that I'm going to; I shook my cheeks but I feel less or less beautiful because of that. I'm lucky to feel like this because I am today with a good degree, I Feeling safe, my people make me go & # 39; A good feeling with all of me, though!

Next time you have to comment according to "what you want" is "funny" to "leave fat / slim" or something like that, an idea that nobody else will help anywhere and do not change it level, I suggest something difficult but I'm sure you'll do it with little use! Do not put out anything. I know it's pretty wild, but I do not say anything!

Why is someone injured, surprised, his back home, and lesser feeling for you. And for yourself, your skin is not surprisingly perfect, acne, simple symptoms, cellulite, vitiligo, eczema, do you know something? It's normal!

The foolishness of this time is to lie in & # 39; A picture of photoshop and alabaster, but the amount of breakthrough that we have been causing a disturbance.

I say that we get rid of them. What do you say? "

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