Mary's Hero who helped God's willingness spread everything: she sat in the blood, OGEACH hands were alongside!



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Good Djurdjevic, Marija Dimitrijevic

Dea Djurdjevic, Marija Dimitrijevic, Photograph: Screen screen

"She remembered, shouted that her hand was hurt and he asked me to cure pain, I hope he'll be right", he is still shaken, the story of the Serbian telegraph heroin Marija Dimitrijevic (28), laboratory technology, who first came to relief Dei Djurdjevic and called an ambulance.

On the 59-day bus that had an accident, Mary was among the passengers. When everyone went out on the street for an accident, she heard it tidy and thrush.

"I saw a horrible scene. There was blood in every place, and the girl was sitting by the wall, her hand was broken, she was by side, and she cried she was injured. " I came in and put her head on my shoulder. I was living together, although the scene was tired. She spoke to her to stay in the conscious condition so long as possible. She asked for a cure of pain, and said that her hand was hurt, "she remembered Mary, who saved her life a well-known journalist.

Mary asked the police then, and she said. ask them to call emergency aid and come as soon as possible.

"They came after 15 minutes, and at that time, telling us two of us. It was important to keep her in mind, she was suffering a lot, I was a ; I was screaming and scared for her life, I just thought to get an Emergency as soon as possible. She asked me to call her sweetheart, and so She ordered the number and asked him. She told her she had an accident and she stolen her hand. I did not tell her what her hand was, the This sad daughter speaks of the whole country today.

Good and Mladen

Dea and Mladen, Photograph: Instagram Scàilean Sgàilean

As was Good aware and vigilant, it shows that she was familiar with her; first name, year, and workplace.

"I did not know who she was, I admit, but she introduced me, tell me what age she was and working near Pinku. Then the Emergency came and they put in their first hand, put it on the ice, and then they put it in on the noses and carried it at the MMA, "said Maria.

One does not know what Dee would have not been given to her at the right time by her, and she says they made a special relationship and that they would. going to visit her.

"I try to be better, so I'll go." Her mother gave me last night to thank me and she is an amazing woman. "But, I did everything that would be done to all ordinary people. I think the disaster is about all the situation. So I'm going to do it. ; become aware of what happened, just be good, "a & # 39; stresses Maria, who works in private works.

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