Mass. A woman was away for a holiday and finished millions of richest dollars


While he was & # 39; Starting to buy Natick Mall holidays over the weekend, one woman in Massachusetts agreed to buy some lottery tickets for the day – and finished her & # 39; scored from a $ 4 million prize.

Neang Peov, from Lowell, was eating lunch with her husband, Brunith, in the food court when she saw a Happy Corner store and decided to try to turn her hand at some tickets, storytelling from Massachusetts State Lottery.

After scratching out of his "$ 10" 100X instant ticket, he grew up in the second prize of $ 4 million in the state since the sale of a soldier started; game on June 19, the news said.

She asked the prize with her husband at their headquarters on Monday morning and he chose the cash option for a one-off payment of $ 2.6 million (before taxes).

Peov told officers that she expects to use the money to pay her payroll and to # 39; retirement in office, according to the information.

The Happy Corner gets $ 40,000 for the sale, the news said. There are three additional $ 4 million awards and $ 1 million awards still built for the "100X" game.


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