Massacre mass in Nha Trang, at least 12 people died


On November 18, Vinh Tho Ward People's Committee, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province said heavy rain caused by landslide caused at least 8 injuries

The area where Tien Huyên exhibitions took place at 14 tons Tung, Vinh Tho. Heavy waters have spread over the walls of the restaurant, over the diners, servants and family owners.

Speaking to reporters, Ngu Lao Lao, who was the leader of the Vinh Tho Ward People's Committee, said: "The wall was an owner-owner and died an eight year old on the site, and there were five visitors to the hospital. From Dak Lak down as long as they eat too they suffer, names are given to victims.

Massacre mass in Nha Trang, at least 12 people died - Picture 1.
A landslide in Nha Trang, at least 12 people died - Picture 2.

That snowy landslide is the tung, at least 2 dead

At the same time, in the Nui stone, the small village of Thanh Phat, Dong-commune Phuoc, the town of Nha Trang, the large water has made part of the soil from a hill hill to a spontaneous living space. Authorities come to the place to rescue victims.

Tran Thi Hoa, deputy governor of Thanh Phat, said the wound was injured. It is not clear whether someone is missing or not. One dead man was raised.

Nguyen Sy Khanh, Former Chairman of the Nha Trang People's Committee, also in the Ward of Vinh Truong also said that a funeral caused a funeral. This person was found and brought to the emergency hospital. In addition, there are 3 others likely to be required, authorities are requesting, not to # 39; refers to the 8 injured they were brought to hospital …

According to the latest information from the Accident Accident Khanh Hoa – Finding and Rescue Management Committee, lattices have been killed at least 12 people. In particular: 2 cases in the Vinh Truong window, 2 at Vinh Tho ward, 5 in the Dong Phuoc compo and 3 cases in the Vinh Hoa window. In particular, there is 3 dead and 1 needed in the landslide in the Vinh Hoa home.

Ky Nam

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