Massacre murder, woman in prison for crime prevention


On 21/11, the court of the Dak Lak province opened a criminal right trial first against a person who was prosecuted Nguyen Van Thu (SN 1972, who lived in a town 9, Ea Pil commune, Mrak Drake) Robbery and Rejection; the defendant Vu Thi May (SN 1972, wife of Thu) on a criminal offense.

You and Cloud Protector at the test

You and Cloud Protector at the test

According to their prejudice, at about 15h, 11/11/2017, you have a self-help at home 1, find Pa Thi P. (Ea Pil commune) a & # 39; Going into the town The same person should be near to see.

See that, she said she did not get 2 million and she did; she agreed. At noon on November 12, 1977, Mrs. P. came to give you money and Thu; come in with the intention to add species to the & # 39; Ph. South Westerly

At this time, Chase draws Ms. P. down and hit many in the face of the victim. By getting beat, Ms. P. has a & # 39; Trying the phone to help, hit 01 pestle wood and 01 brick on his head, P. face to avoid moving the victim.

After that, he discovered the victims of textiles, and found that P. was dead. You do not want to miss this action that has removed mill, ears with the same 200,000 victims. Next thing, choose a great Puc sister Phuc and then leave behind the pig house.

At about 16h30 on the same day, Vu Thi May (wife of Thu) who has a home attack told him the whole story for his wife. After hearing this, Cloud did not advise her to bring her husband to the end of the animal, and did not let the authorities help her behavior; her car on a motorcycle to carry the P. carriage. go to the sewer in the town of Ea Te (Krong commune Jing, Drak District).

At about 22h in the same day, relatives did not see their home and P. reported to the authorities, and you were asked to work due to a number of questions that were expressed. Here, you recognize your serious crime.

At the end of the lawyer, the Panel sentenced to Nguyen Van Thu to his / her; death episode, 5 years imprisonment for robbery, 3 years and 6 months imprisonment for rape. The complete penalty that Nguyen Van Thu needs to defend is to be a death. Protector Vu Thi May received a 1 year sentence and 3 months imprisoned for hunting crime.

Thuy Diem

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