Massaly will attack members to The National Rehabilitation Board and its retirement


Mouhamadou Lamine Massaly showed a Friday speech in Kolda, which faced members of the National Response Response (FNR), which came to the "Idy 2019" partnership.

"At a meeting, they always said that they do not trust Idrissa Seck because they always have to record their speakers, since they have said that Idrissa Seck does not respect the members of the Fnr now, they have put forward their jackets to make an alliance with it, "he said, accidentally.

Even better, Massaly, who is a member of the "Madické 2019" partnership, has retired from Fnr. "I declare that I'm resigning in the National Face in Response (FNR). It must be a person's impact. In addition, only one candidate sorry for Senegal. The candidate for a break is Madame Niang! "

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