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Living in a small house on Nguyen Thai This street, Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh division, Le Duc Giang's teacher is now 90 years old and is still healthy and well . Clicking on each picture, the old book, Teacher Giang, is a & # 39; Clearly remember the name of the generations of students through three times of the war against France, against the United States and after the union day.

Master of the Secretary General - Picture 1.

Le Duc Giang reminded pupils through the pictures.

Business students as children

Born in 1929, Le Duc Giang is the youngest son of Le Duc Trinh (who belonged to the City of Nhon, the Phu Cat area, Dinh Dinh). Le Duc Trinh, president of the United States Vietnam, was honored in 1945 as a distinguished figure. After completing a secondary school, in 1951, Giang went into the war against the war, He will learn at the Dinh Department of Composting and Agriculture School.

In 1955, he was a North Lecturer, teaching at Southern School in Hai Phong. In southern schools, a parent, parents; Half of the students live on the other side. When you contact you, the children and their children's teachings, the teacher of Giang is going to; Feeling he lives in the love of family members' riots. So, he likes students like their children, grandchildren.

"At that time, the students in the south are named teachers, staff, two words," uncle, "and we call the grandmothers of students." Thanks for that, nostalgia for home, family in the field. At last, I was relaxing, "said Luong.

After 4 years of teaching to South students, in 1959, Le Duc Giang was educated at the Hanoi University History Faculty. In 1961, after graduating from a university, Giang's teacher was taught for teaching at Nguyen Gia Thieu High School in the Gia Lam area, Hanoi. Here he teaches the history of stages 8 and 9 (10 years) and is a commander at 9B. His class had 45 classes and was directed by the Secretary General of his / her class; Party and President of the State Nguyen Phu Trong.

"Not only unsuccessful, good at studying, Trong also has talents in fluency, inspiration and humility. When the water is there, Trong is often a & # 39; sleep in my room for the night, so the teacher's feelings are becoming more important today. Every time I come to Binh Dinh, every time I meet to Trong, I will be revived again for teaching for 60 years. "- Giang told the Secretary General – President Nguyen Phu Trong.

Master of the Secretary General - Photograph 2.

Secretary General – President of Nguyen Phu Trong when Mr Le Duc Giang visited.

With students, "must be hard" must not "be carved"

In 1964, Le Duc Giang returned to Quang Nam to continue to teach in the road section to free the day to the south and his / her; connect the country. After freedom, teachers and teachers as a former principal of the Quy Nhon Community Community; In 1980, he was a principal tutor at Binh Dinh Education High School (now Binh Dinh). In 1986, he retired.

After retiring, Giang continued with the exploration and promotion activities in Quarter 1, Ngo May Ward where he lived until 2011. At that time, he added to & # 39; help the area 's reach. The Area of ​​Audit Promotion has been a clear place in Quy Nhon City's research and promotion work. At this time, even though he does not participate in any organization, he is always a & # 39; caring and reforming and educational training.

Continuing 45 years of teaching through three times, Le Duc Giang's teacher has been involved in many generations of pupils, many of which are successful. They have spread throughout the region, contributing to the construction and development of the country, the country. At this time, many pupils hold important roles in the Party groups and the Government at the moment. center.

Recently, in May 20 -1818, old Vietnamese students were gathered in Quy Nhon City for a 90th anniversary of Le Duc Giang. The old man was happy and regarded as one of the most happy things in his life. Over the years, many of the former students who came to him, many of whom have dealt with the management of his students, returned home to thank him.

"With the students, I'm really bad but never been engraved, it's difficult for pupils to control the subject, but also when the teacher adds worry, that's not good. In addition, you need to know how you like students like their children. So the results that are learning new children are high "- teacher teaching experience.

Le Duc Giang's teacher said that teaching is now different from the old days. Before you experience a heavy experience, follow the curriculum, now teach how your student skills and know how to insert knowledge learned in practice. However, as long as it's a & # 39; teaching at any time, the teacher always needs to love and respect the students. Le Duc Giang said that the teacher believed that the students were in a position; hitting. This does not mean that students are scared and hated rather than having a & # 39; respect for themselves.

An education leader needs to be an example

When talking about the current state of education, the Le Duc Giang teacher said that there are no negative issues in the test period, uncommon that has existed since the period of subsidy to a large extent. "It's important that the cure is detailed and precise." Education leaders at all levels must be exemplary, put the example in place and provide effective solutions to prevent the negative, create the environment. The school is healthy, fair and true, "said Giang.

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