Mastercard says Santander will be safer after leaving Transbank Economy


After the end of the coin between Santander and Transbankthat a bank will have access to new security measures for its clients in Chile, and some of these may be preventing future reductions such as those that took place in 2018 .

From Mastercard, she told her senior deputy head of Solutions Solutions for Latin American and Caribbean, Patricio Hernández, do Pulso that Santander will have a " implement a system of "Tokenization" For your national affairs, which were so far only available for your international affairs.

This system includes A unique "code" that replaces its location and its location; Protect sensitive data (as a consumer's card number or card number) At this time doing business, so that it is only the banks and not the merchants who are going to do it; handle client banking information.

According to Hernández, Santander will be The only banking center in Chile to have this system, but "we also talk to the other banks."

The service is another device Safety, with MasterCard monitoring business to find and stop fraud.

This is added Early Finding Service, with which the company monitors the cards available (for loss or other events) in the & # 39; dark net (part of the internet that does not appear in the classic search engines) to warn the bank if any suspicious move is found.

Continue later, and go to; reaching customers, the system may be able to install the system to Chile NuDetect that, according to the specialized media, which includes a system that allows users to do not; record the number of cards or their password in all matters, from which the mobile phone is "detected, with different measurements, if the phone owner is indeed who & # 39; buy ", Analyzing how the client is experiencing a & # 39; cell cell phone, reading and writing distance, among other variables.

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