MasterChef is the only player in Newsware


We will take time back nine years and we will going to 2010. The cookie reel came into our lives. At Mega it was BBC Guide and to ANT1 as a rival Main Chef, despite all the efforts, he did not succeed in his enemy.

But there was a young chef amongst the partners, who is currently the judge of MasterChef. The reason for him Panos Ioannidis, who participated in the main chef, by Nadia Boule, and Elia Mamalaki, Christopher Paska, Apostolos Trastilis and Herve Pronatato.

However, the current pioneering singer has left voluntarily as the time of war because his time is not working professionally. In addition, as he said when he was familiar with the public, Ioannidis, who is 35 years old, talks about cooking at the Danish Embassy in Athens, while working on art in Italy, where he worked for several years at restaurants. Indeed, his short life was rich in professional knowledge,

However, in the pictures that appeared on a Monday morning in Happy Day from the participation of a vibrant judge at the & # 39; Chief Chef, almost impossible to identify.

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