MasterChef Professionals: Manoela says the competition is an interesting talk from Paola


Manoela Lebron's kitchen cook was abolished on Tuesday night (27) on the MasterChef Appointments. The mineral company produced a version of the "Colombian merchant" that did not reach the extent to which fleet Henrique Fogaça, Paola Carosella and Erick Jacquin wanted.

Despite being considered tasty, Manoela's plague was regarded as "simpler" compared to Willian – a & # 39; The first one would climb the mezzanine – and Heaven. Along with Rafael, the two are the most recent of this edition of the program.

The test included the reconstruction of some traps that were randomly selected by the competitors in the MasterChef Professional book. At that time, Manoela was going to stretch to her; get a snail, but it's not lucky.

"It was very difficult to connect my ideas during the race, I think I need to stop it and think about what I was going to do, I was going to & # 39: doing, doing, do, and the cookie did not make the product or me. If I went into an automated way, I think I would say I was really in the heat of my feelings, "said Manoela.

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"This fascinating story, in terms of being a great dish was different and at the same time, something or something, which is part of my culture, my department." He got it in a way that I did not know enough I tried to bring it to Minas Gerais, but he did not work, I think I was not fine … I did not a & # 39; think. "

In addition to Heaven in Horizontal, Manoela Listen to strong hospitals from Paola Carosella. "You have a wonderful talent that helps you a lot in life," he said.

In an inspirational way, Paola identified the Manoela leadership situation – which, according to the lawyer, is very difficult for a woman to take.

Paola also charged her miner about the simplest & The habitats and flavors she had promised when she went to the program. "You are doing morality to respect your base," he said.

Many spoke to the lawyer's words, asking Manoela to make situations at Paola's restaurant, which she accepted. "Again I'm signed by one partner," said Paola before taking the competitor to the MasterChef Professional leaving door.

Look at the healing peace:

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