MasterShef Season 8 Season 27 Frequently Asked Questions Online from 11/20/18 at STB


On Tuesday, November 27, 27th edition of the MasterShef series 8 was broadcast on STB.

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Judge Shaw MasterShef rarely takes cooking classes. To see how the chef masters are, fans of the big lines. But some people are more fortunate, and Ector's master class is easily accessed. In addition, totally free.

In today's case of MasterSchool, Hector Jimenez-Bravo gave a workshop in partnership for project partners. He completes 3 classical classes, one for each visit. Every 20 minute visit lasted. During this time, the participants needed to understand what Ector was thinking about the dish and cooking. They could follow the master class for at least 15 minutes, but then only 5 left for cooking.

"Our partners are renowned and fascinating, so I was happy to keep such conflicts with them for the war experience," said Hector Jimenez-Bravo.

But, mostly, one is "just": the processes that Ector showed that did not enter the correct order. Ector could start from cooking center, and b> # 39; He can make an exhibition first. In addition, it will become more difficult and harder for every trip around the ships. The team would get 1 point for its first round dish, 2 points for the second round, and 3 – 3 points.

But not only did Ector miss the team, but he gave some of the instructions. For example, the first dish was mentioned in the novel "Under the canopy of girls in bloom" by Marcel Proust.

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