Mathieu Testimonials: Here is the first smartphone with a "depressing" screen that is available in Belgium


The Honor View 20 will open up a smartphone cell phone in 2019. Released in recent days in Europe, it has a special feature: its camera has a huge face on the phone; screen, top left. Do nothing without "notch" that everyone is not happy. But is it practical?

You may have heard about the Honor shop previously. It belongs to your Huawei group, which is characterized by young & and online & # 39; for years. It will sell its & # 39; Most Honor abroad, because Huawei is already present and very attractive in Belgium, a small country. The Chinese telecomach giant did not worry about putting forward the second logo at home, but only when the Honor 9 introduced in 2017 was released.

In 2019, Honor is obviously trying to try to bring his attention again, to talk about them in our country. The unlikely, objective, is to market a Android competition, so to Samsung in most of our country. But the prices by Huawei are over, however, it's amazing if there is not a small obstacle, but the distribution lines are quite different.

To achieve this, the recent 20 Belgian Appearance Honors Revealed, and will be available in a number of well-known brands such as Vandenborre. While he is at # 39; The Honor of the brand is online. Ironic of the story: On Honor site (France, not the option), one can not be delivered in Belgium. In a short time, we will lose the strategy, but it's not really important for you, the buyer.


€ 549 for screen … coil

Honor was used for smartphone smartphones with a reasonable price and enough performance. There is nothing to do with View 20, which was found at € 549 at Vandenborre or Coolblue. Note that Krefel also has a smartphone phone distribution, but not MediaMarkt … And this is the 128 GB version. The one with 256 GB of memory is € 649 on the net.

It is a large smartphone of 6.4 "in Sealladh 20, and we immediately note that the screen is the # 39; In recent times, some makers prefer this way to submit the camera, and avoid the famous notch (eag) who opposes some.

In a lively way, it's great. And with some of the apps (such as YouTube), you can have access a never immersion sensationBecause the video includes the entire screen (not to be played on the screen, see the picture). On a Chrome-like application or RTL information, it does not change much on the other, and the & # 39; toll & # 39; 4.5 mm in diameter but moved.


All in all, except the screen

In terms of the rest of the data page, it is very damaged: Kirin 980 at 2.6 GHz (similar to Huawei's main name, the Pro 20 Mate), 6GB of RAM, 128 GB of storage- (not a microSD but an nanoSD port), a 48-MP camera camera (versus 25 BP), a 4,000 mAh battery, a herring-shaped glass, Android 9.0.

In a short time, there will be a hard-hitting degree, it will be damaged, everything will move for a few years, and storage should be sufficient, even for the greatest users. In terms of batteries, after 48 hours of normal use, Sealladh 20 did not give. One of the richest we can do is test.

Down down only: quality of the screen. The IPS panel is 1080 x 2310 blue, and far from the OLED that gives several smartphones in the & # 39; this price. Green-gray, clearer colors, is unavoidable. The highest color is fortunate enough for a pleasant sunrise.

Finally, and this gives a chance to the gap with € 1,000 smartphones, there is no stalking, no fingerprint, without a cost of wire (but a quick fee with a block of 22.5W)


And the pictures?

Our main objective is 48 MPs, most of us will expect interesting zoom capabilities. Indeed, Honor is the first smartphone for Sony's most recent IMX 586 sensor.

A sense is more than usual, so it can take more light. And it's very useful for in-house, evening, evening, etc. All of our searches were successful, with a small digital sound.

Outside, it's not amazing, the pictures are ready. The x2 sum is without losing quality, since the basic images of Honor View are 12 12.

The sensor in addition to its rear will using ToF technology (Time of Flight). It allows them to capture sights in 3D, by & # 39; laser curbs and count their movements. These features are integrated into the camera application, and in particular in the continuation of the screenshots, in the redesigned videos (cut off from the body that is & # 39; ; move). 3D ToF can also be used in some games, but we do not know who …


It is a great surprise for the beginning of the year that the value of Honor View 20, a value-added device, has been sold by € 549, and so it has been a very successful test against the OnePlus 6T.

The shows are, there is no doubt. The herring reflection design is particularly special, funny, and more directed by the young man, of course. Provision is only done at screen level (not OLED) and some options such as an appliance, such as the waterproof and the unique fingerprint of the onion screen. In short, this is one of the best price / power estimates currently.



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