Matías Fernández, in the young person to face Tolima in Ibagué


Luis Fernando Suarez will look at this duel with some of his main pieces on his & her; Invertebrates, such as Teófilo Gutiérrez, Luis Díaz and Fabián Sambueza, but with the central leadership of the Chilean Park.

The young person's technical director, Luis Fernando Suárez, has decided to start on Wednesday to address Deportes Tolima, in the first date of the Eagle League.

The Antioquia strategy decides to restrain part of its shell, so the duel will be introduced without some of its main parts in the spine, such as Teófilo Gutiérrez, Luis Díaz and Fabian Sambueza.

The players who, from 8pm, will jump to the stadium grammar Manuel Murillo Toro: Sebastián Viera; Marlon Piedrahita, Luis Narvaez, Willer Ditta, Gabriel Fuentes; Enrique Serje, Víctor Cantillo; Matías Fernández, Freddy Hinestroza, Daniel Moreno and Luis Carlos Ruíz.


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