Matías Martin persisted that a cabite from Basta from Everything would come together: "It's a criminal decision"


The cycling driver gave details of leaving his companion, who was part of the program for 18 years. The audio

Matías Martin confirmed that Cabito de Basta de Todo was taken away (pictures: nets)
Matías Martin confirmed that Cabito de Basta de Todo was taken away (pictures: nets)

After 18 years by side Matias Martin (48) in Lots of everything, his visit; broadcast Radio Metro 95.1, The Cabito Massa Alcántara (48) He lived on his last day in the program on November 23. Three days later, the driver dropped out of the air news where he removed some of the reasons why this result was.

"At the beginning of our program, we talked about Basta de Todo, which was very special. I said I did not get half & # 39; drop the party and & # 39; This may have been the reason why she was successful, because I had a little emotional and not emotional; taking into account all the things that have come to an end and ending his / her; live, with the team, dance, enjoyment, singing. And a very real party, very good, "Matías started.

"Yes, I'm reinforcing, Cabito does not keep going on in Basta, it's a married decision that I can overwrite it as a # 39 driver. ; program, team and team. "

"At that party we had a moment when we were all on stage and Cabito was not there, so he was not comfortable enough to come and then share it. Maybe full farewell … Yes, I'm proving it. Cabito did not lean in Basta. It's a bad decision that I'm going to; retrieve as a program driver, & # 39; group and team. I felt that the cycling was lost for a while and, at the same time, that's a # 39; Feeling to oppose that, but I'm sorry. That was marked in the last 18 years with what I was going to spend; feelings, and some particular problems … They know I will not count residents, take food or part of someone's imagination to give extra news, but I was has been feeling as part of the # 39; This wedding dress, on a & # 39; This program may be more than one person thinking, "he said.

"They know that I will not really tell, and I do not eat a puffin, or a part of someone's imagination to give more news, but I had been feeling as part of the marriage of this marriage, on this program which is more than one could think. "

Then, he discovered that his dream had to make a transformation: "The program was streamlined for changes. The only way to grow and revitalize was changing and Cabito had a lot of health on the one hand and on the other hand, participating within his / her program; decline. I do not want to include information, but the situation is that the best thing is for its & # 39; program and for the team, that Cabito could not go to Basta. Indeed, I've been talking to it for two or two years, not a new situation; there. It seems like it is, but I'm happy for those months that are harder and harder where many of you have to ask what was there; It happened to you or your awareness that it was a bit; easy, fairer or worst, we still had big programs, months and major interviews. "

On the other hand, he stressed that the whole team has the energy that aims to improve the quality of Cabito: "What I want to make is clear that we are caring because Cabito is in good health, because the radio is offset; giving place at various times of the day, in different programs and settings. He has the opportunity and he must make a decision because he is upset. I put a lot in so that it can be quiet, and he can make a farewell. He was not strong enough and strong. When he decides, he has a place to do & # 39; leaving the people who have been very funny for him for many years. But talking to him all the time and with the nearest people, he came to tell me he was not comfortable, He prefers to tell him and he would again try to make a farewell farewell. What I said later was, at least, something was to be said, for communication and that's why I had a chance to wait for it when it was a bit stronger. "

"The program was tidying for changes, the only way to grow and revitalize itself was changing and Cabito's health programs were far on the one hand and on the other side, -turning the program that has been in decline. "

"I do not have much more to say. It's been many years ago, it's pretty ready and ready and sometimes you have to make decisions that make me go & # 39; feeling very tough and hurt, but to make me think I'm on the right road, that I make a hard decision that is & # 39; supporting the program, the team that works in the program and radio, "continued.

Finally, it closed: "After that they learn about the changes, there will always be a journalist who, in the name of his / her scoop, will deal with us without codes, We fill in with me but it will not go out because it always has the program with love and respect for others. At the same time, Cabito's family will get well, wait until it's strong for a & # 39; bids farewell"

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