Matko Obradović AITHISG: Thanks to Green Dragons, because they paid me for the evening!


Along with a great hero to Olimpija and Mura, Tommy Horvat, b & # 39; Matko Obradović convinces the most prominent football player in black and white.

There was little protection because, just because they wanted just in the middle of their census Green Dragons to hit it.

After the end of a Friday game in Stožice Matko Obradovic Laughing a game in front of a dictaphone. He knew we were going to go; Most wanted the event in the second half of the game, when he was very angry with Green Dragons that they were in any way to go to the playground and urgently a & # 39; competition. Fans Olimpija The police praised and the Obradovic security forts, who were taken away by several things and stopped by planting plants, had stopped the things that had been done; happening. "I did not do anything, movements were not exciting," Croatian backdrop started. "I was shooting with torches, medals and other items in me. What we want … I did not do anything. Maybe they'd think I'll run away From all this, but I went on, until you cast things in me. They were angry, " he said.

At any time, the Dragons seemed to succeed in breaking through the barrier, which was upright with security defenders – the police joined them a bit later on when they realized the devil did not wearing uniforms – and could they be the keeper MureThen is that why I was afraid of this? "No, I was not scared. I know that this is all in the heat of the fight, and there are no objections from my or from their side. These are fans, I do not & # 39; out on them, " said the previous backpack MariborIn the West And with a smile of his face, he put it in: "I raised all the medals that I had, and I collected enough money for a good dinner, and so I thank them". At the end of the game, Obradovic turned to his / her; The northern head where the Green Dragons lived, and began to crying. Sarcastic? "Honestly, we are all involved, especially since I was a member of Maribor and Viol for many years, but they are very good fans. They are & # 39: creating a great atmosphere and dignity. It was always a pleasure to protect me in the games in Stožice. The Dragons made good care and was a date card ; in the winter at the end of the game. It's not a bad thing, I say, " responded to his first Mure guardian.

Skins with bigger eggs can only do this

Obradovic published just a few minutes after the end of his congratulatory game on Maribor's visitors, who said Murin Remi was totally deserving. It is clear, in a poppy camp, that the Olimpija kingdom was still willing, for just a few hours later with a reliable impact over the next. Krka's constant rival, they fled to the advantage of six points. "We left our field on the field, we played a good game, we started a little worse, I do not say we were bad in organizing their game, but we can Playing a lot better. But we got out and I think the point is very successful in the Olympics, " Obradovic, who disappeared at Stozice in a Maribor jerseys, was a big mistake, which the contest violet gave to her; Sucks, watching Friday bribe. "On my head, there was no poker game between Olympias and Maribor, it is our own story in every duelle, we came to a good result, we kept track, we are satisfied." We were at a & # 39; bottom, we climbed well. 2: 2 away from home against such a team … Only teams with special characters and big balls can " He has influenced his last visit in the capital.

At the first hit of Olimpija, some said that Croat was 27 years old; may be better. To be able to demolish the ball after scratching Kronavetre to the side. Obradovic refused to come to Vombergar that he sent to the net. "You know I'm the biggest criticism of myself, but I do not know if I can respond better with Olympi." Vombergar got himself in the net and put it in the net. , but it was a good hunting. The playground was wet, the ball was very fast, so it was hard to work better, " Obradovic replied. Eventually, it affected the black and white attack on Ljubljana and the large number of Murina fans in Stožice, who created an amazing habitat: "As we always stress: the fans of our 12th players are both good and bad, they are seen as real fans, they are both The club enjoys, they are not good, they all have a shoulder to their shoulders with their club, when it's bad, they all spit. Murska Sobota is not there . They are our great strength. "

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