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(Pittsburgh Penguins-New York Rangers 5-5) Mats Zuccarello did not help him with Rangers New York in Pennsylvania. It has now been listed with points in 13 of the last 14 NHL games. There was a loss in the face of Penguins who could be the new Zucca club.


– It's hot, says Erik Granqvist – an expert in the Viasat studio.

Rooms have been struggling for Zucca long ago to leave New York. But there is still no clarity about the future of Norway – with a week left from the move window in nhl. Calgary Flames, Dallas Stars, Vegas Golden Knights and just Pittsburgh Penguins According to Sport News, the most appropriate clubs.

"Zuccarello had given more depth to Pittsburgh," said Granquist.

The window on the front of the NHL playoffs will be closed at Norway's 21.00 time on 25 February. The experts believe that the news about Zuccarello is because the NHL clubs are in a position; Waiting for the most significant names for transitions.

– I talk to the players about this. But he's like everyone else at this time of the year, says NYC coach, David Quinn, in Viasat steel steel.

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Zuccarello said the week he wanted straightforward clarification to end the facts, but he still needs to wait. Despite this, he gave a really strong game, he won two goals and his Most on the ice – 24 minutes and 36 seconds – with all Rangers players.

He noted for the 10 visitor number for the season to the end of the first time. The Nordic was very important when Rangers put a heavy weight on Penguins in power. "Zucca" had a perfect game to play against the Mika Zinbanejad football in Sweden, but Teddy Blueger's puck ball hit and went to the go.

Kris Letang had just been providing a home check with a back check that went through the skate to Rangers back Kevin Shattenkirk.

Rangers struggled considerably with a number of sub-firsts in the second time and finally it had to be kept up. The Swedish Senator Marcus Pettersson for Penguins shone. After that, Bryan Dumoulin grew up to 1-3 before the Rangers came back fascinating in just three minutes and 36 seconds.

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The series ran again: Zibanejad led the pic to the front and Zucca was careful about just before passing the line.

Then Ryan Srum faced Rangers.

A Stanley Cup winner from 2017 and 2016 in the PPG Paints Arena could be back back at the beginning of her & # 39; 3rd century. Rangers got a good chance when Sidney Crosby fell apart for four minutes. Zuccarello was near a trick in the ad, but Pittsburgh saved himself.

Shortly thereafter, Crosby got the Letang visitor and suddenly the hill was empty on the target after the third help for the daylight for the day. So, the Russian striker Yevgeny Malkin was disbanded against Alexanders Alexandar football with two goals.

The keeper star, Henrik Lundqvist, was sent to his band after the Rangers who did not hit eight games in Pittsburgh with the Swedish grandmother from the beginning. Georgiev's 23-year-old Bulgarian started in the final for the third time in the last three games.

Look at this amazing Zucca care in January:

Kevin Hayes and Zibanejad defeated Rangers for a warlike fight that needed to be aware that the battle was lost.

Mats Zuccarello also provided assistants in the & # 39; 6-2 victory over Buffalo Sabers Saturday. In total, there are 11 visits and 26 support in Norway in the 44 games of this season. He has moved 22 visits in the last 14 games.

This is Rangers' second time in the last 12 games, but the club is still behind the latest NHL playground.

Time to the Norwegian period of Wednesday, Rangers will end up at # 39; A tour of three games away against Carolina Hurricanes in Raleigh.

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