Mattarella protects the Bank of Italy. Inquiries about the research commission on banks


The heart of the matter, according to Ignazio Visco, does not concern the preferences of the economy or budget, not the banks or the politics. It is about the institutions: their independence and their relationships. This is the worry that afternoon afternoon that the regulator at the Bank of Italy should go up to Quirinale to speak to Sergio Mattarella, a few hours before the appointments were made in the directory Via Nazionale. And by and large this is the worry that a yesterday morning – but apart – led the head of the head of state to the president of the Assembly and Chamber, Elisabetta Casellati and Roberto Fico. convened, to reflect doubt on the range of mandate of the parliamentary commission on banks.

The two games played yesterday on different routes. But now all of this game, both political and political, understand that the commitments are the same: maintaining full independence with the money authorities and management who are standing throughout the euro area forever. Their integrity is one of the reasons not only looking from Brussels or Frankfurt. Also from the markets and rating agencies the institutions and the separation of powers in Italy are now more aware of that now because it is clear to everyone how & why. the public debt will rise this year and even in 2020.

Seen from the Visco offices, this is not a chess challenge between the tenants of Roman palace. There is no vanity between them. used to match the country's rules system. These are the reasons given by the governor to visit Mattarella yesterday afternoon to clarify his situation. In accordance with advice from the regulator themselves, Superior Council was preparing to identify three names in the directory Via Nazionale: promoting Fabio Panetta as the general manager and number two of the institution, the access as vice-directors of Daniele Franco and Alessandra Perrazzelli. The theme Visco in Mattarella did not cover the three attributes, but according to Italian law and the European legal system, the independent center Via Nazionale, repeating t the regulator yesterday. With its gold organs it is up to its own maximum figures, except the regulator: not directly, by indirectly, by political force.

Visco explained to the Quirinale that he maintained the fact that the three new posts overcame a single bundle, without affecting Panetta himself. In this respect, there are no apparent political, political or political opposition. That's from Panetta, for a time at the top of the Bank of Italy, anybody who has worked in recent years has had a good idea. In his different roles in Via Nazionale he worked closely with the debt debts, and then in a bank divide with all residents in Palazzo Chigi from 2011: Mario Monti, Enrico Letta, Matteo Renzi and Paolo Gentiloni, and Giuseppe Conte. For them, they understood understanding both the heads of the PD, such as Carlo Calenda, and the yellow-supporters. He is a mercant banker without any political gain, and in recent years has argued with Brussels or the European Central Bank on the management of banking banking. Visco is highly dependent on him, as Mario Draghi managed as Via Nazionale. But Visco himself was concerned yesterday that someone in the Co-government government was trying to find the situation of Panetta, which was uncontroversial, in order to stop the other two instead. Daniele Franco, an out-of-state accountant, was the cause of 5-star attacks during the falling budget season. And Alessandra Perrazzelli, the former Chief Executive of Barclays in Italy, has a very good image for bank talks in Europe but not a greenish yellow image.

The regulator's fear is based on a proven knowledge: for two months the Council of Ministers has confirmed the preservation of Luigi Federico Signorini in the directory.which should be made up of four people with Visco himself. The government does not have the power to designate designated members of the steering group, but only a non-binding opinion may be expressed and then recommendations are made to Mattarella. With regard to Signorini, it is not called, it has been blocked with the process and now runs out: if the problem is continuing, the seats are To conclude, on 10 May the Italian Bank government could hold only two parts – Visco and Panetta so near paralysis. So, with assignations yesterday, a new degree is opening, in which he is currently moving the government.

The parliamentary committee's question on banks was also very severe, given that Mattarella wanted Casellati and Fico to see him.. The head of state is not against the commission, but it seems strange that he has such a broad command: it should deal with banks, insurance companies (managed by the Italian Bank), graduation organizations and so on the whole relationship between country markets. and the European system of governance. The Quirinale does not say openly, but wants to prevent a world-class commission from turning to a system of pressure on Via Nazionale and other public or private actors. Or that it is designed to provide aggressive experiments but at the end not to make figures in the markets, Italian or European centers. The public hunting for litter bats would not be the best way to get the country out of a decline that has been ongoing for nine months.

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