Mauricio Macri on entrepreneurs: "Many continue to play games on" 1/4/2019


Mauricio Macri said today "there are many people who continue to roll their rods" but He asked him to "enforce" because "I can not say that all the politics are doing, all the businesses are doing and all the trade unions are doing".

"Those who believe in Argentina, who believe in Argentina, are passing this stormy series and for the first time in History we do not change the rules, we will not throw everything away, we do not create a trap, we can not stop things We continued to run, we took caught up and said Argentines were going over here ", which explained to them; President defense of government control, in an interview with the Cordovan station.

President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, will be giving Thursday to & # 39; start a new section of Cordillerano-Patagónico pipe oil. Photograph: EFE / Leadership of Scotland.

President of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, will be giving Thursday to & # 39; start a new section of Cordillerano-Patagónico pipe oil. Photograph: EFE / Leadership of Scotland.

From his place of sale in Villa la Angostura, Macri has a lot talk to the Next 97.1 radio, with Carlos Paz. It was fair when asked about the lack of support from business departments, in particular the ideas from price trainers, and again describing the urgency that required IMF assistance, to factors inside such as thirst – "the worst in 50 years" – and the trade war between the United States and China, which cut credit to emerging countries.

On the other hand, Macri said "we are better than three years ago Because in Argentina we are feeling that crime is ending "and said everyone needs to be accountable."

"There is Justice wants accountability politicians, businessmen, trade unions, journalists, judges and even the President's family must surrender. If Justice needs information, the President's family must answer and that is different in Argentina, "said Macri, trying to make a difference from Kirchnerism. In this line, he said "We did not have Argentina so three years ago" where you can say what your opinion is and to express it freely, without anyone helping you. "

The President again rescued the adjustment measures taken in the framework of the agreement with the IMF and after cutting the outside credit.

"In 2018, all of these credits of more than 100 miles (millions of dollars to emerging markets) fell to 7 billion; we stayed on loan and we were without that belief. I wanted everyone, to be careful, that you can not spend more than you can, you can not be on loan, let us sit and talk about how we get the State to spend much more than what it gets from taxes. When we run out of our credentials and depend on ourselves, there was a deeper debate and we have set out the first Budget with its first balance, known as priorities, "he said.

Macri returned to think that decades of spending were too big: "We realized that 70 years of parties, especially in the last 15, have not come out in three years," he said.

After indicating that there was no "black" bank in December to & # 39; ran as expected by some departments, he said that "the important thing we are here is to ensure that this is the way we are going to grow slowly this year. Everything is going to cost but we start to grow, it will start with tourism and the autumn wheat is a record, if the weather is & # 39; like this, we have corn, soybean and sunflower, which is important to us too. "

He said his duty was "continuing to reduce poverty" and it was difficult that we were doing well and that this has resulted in losing a credit , obviously, the introduction of low inflation, more painfulness again, we were fortunate. Fortunately, our practitioners who have an inflation and athletes have a modification formula, seasonal developments they will see how this will be brought back ".

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