Mauricio Macri spoke about the events at River Boca: "It was a sad day"


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Mauricio Macri

Today is defined as "sad, sad day"
stops the final of the Libertadores Cup between the River and Boca for the last Saturday events. He identified the leaders who were "hitting the violence" and his. strictly questioned the Justice, who freed the captives for a dispute in the superclassic.

The President said that the program of violence "did nothing to the endeavor we make" to "help Argentina in another place" on the world . And it was hoped that it will be repeated to launch a project in the & # 39; Congress to fight the barrabravas at the spectacular sessions.

"We need to persecute and reject the violence, the mafias that are often behind this kind of violence," he said.

He said the master of Buenos Aires,

Horacio Rodriguez Larreta

, he is "responsible" for security in the capital, but warned him: "I can not stand as President for a sporting show you must take the area achieved. "

"The government headquarters, as it depends, investigates and see how it is perfect [el operativo] for the day the game is organized, "he said.

Macri also identified the leaders who criticized social security security networks, which were over the Force. Bhaile, before convicted of "the violent people".

"It is part of the guidance that governs violence," said the president before consultation
THE NATION. And he criticized Justice: "I do not understand the revival [por liberar a los detenidos]"

"We need to make judgments and prosecutors, federal forces and citizens working together to end the violence," he said.

The governing party intends to be included in uncommon sessions to & # 39; Transport that affects penalties for barrabravas. It is a project that is presented two years ago that will try to give new vitality.

"There's a lot to do, we're working hard for what's coming," he said about the G-20 conference that starts next Friday in Buenos Aires.

Bullrich: "No zone was released or included"

The Minister of Security, Patricia Bullrich, today has denied "an internal intern" or "internal intern" within the framework of the conquest of the Boca players to the Monumental stadium.

"There was no police within the organization, a area was not liberated, there was only violence," said Bullrich Minister in statements made at the Government House.

Report by Jaime Rosemberg

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