Mauritiaidh is suitable for the African Cup Cup


Mauritia won the African Cup for the first time in their history, after a 2/1 hard hit over Botswana on Sunday in the fifth visit (in the final) in the nineteenth group to use for her & # 39; War, which affected Angola, has benefited Burkina Faso himself.

The Mauritanians are on top of their host with 12 points for their historic qualification for the next year's Cameroon competition, three points ahead of the nearest Angola campaigns. Burkina Faso was third at seven points and Botswana had one point behind him.

In the capital of Mauritanian Nouakchott, the Bhotswana team captured its " The first time in the fourth minute with a spectacular goal, but Al Hassan Al Eid grabbed the Mauritanians quickly.

Ismail Giachetti himself was crowned as an insecure supporter after being a valuable goal in his & her; minute 89, which led the team to a 24-year historic increase for his team; first time.

Mauritania has been the fifth Arab team to record for the finals after Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco and Algeria.

In Angola's capital in Luanda, Angola was hoping to win 2-1 at home to Burkina Faso earlier in the day.

Matthaeus was managing a & # 39; game after Angola's goals were fulfilled in the 45th and 57th minute, while Isovo Daewoo was in a position; make sure that Burkina Faso had the same goal in the 69 minutes.

The contest is suitable for the second ticket in the group limited to Angola and Burkina Faso.

Angola is a guest in Botswana in the last round of the March group, which shows another game between Burkina Faso and the Mauritanian team.

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