& Max; a & # 39; using his head more, "says Jos Verstappen


Jos Verstappen says that his son Max uses his head more in races today, even though he still needs to take a risk if he is going to be in a position; moderate up to opponents in cars faster than the Red Bull.

"I note Max uses its head more through the race itself and that it is less at risk," said the driver, Formula 1, # 39; before Ziggo SportsPeptalk Program in a Dubai telephone interview Monday.

"But as soon as we fall short," Jos continued. "Then he needs to take risks in each case for a podium finish. That shows every race.

"You have to make a number of moves [on Sunday] to be able to get the third place, "he explained, saying that he was always much easier for the race winner, Lewis Hamilton, who was able to start from his position. pole.

"[Hamilton] A car driving a lot faster and that makes it even more advanced if you can start each mast, "he said." It's a & n; starting from a pole and then gaining the race, you do not have to take those risks.

"So it's easy to say it's the best driver. It certainly has the best car."

In the previous race in Brazil, Max banned Esteban Ocon to earn him a really real race. The two came together again in the territory of the Abu Dhabi season, as Max tried to get back from a gillie at the beginning.

Fortunately, then the single person had a lasting impact for a driver, with Max going on to reserve the third place by Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel.

"They were dangerous but I thought it was really good moves," said Jos out that his son was going past this week. "I knew what Max was going to do because in that corner in the previous races, he also spent the lottery.

"It needs to be done in a corner where nobody expects it and that is the problem it has been watching all year."

Overall, Jos said he was proud of his son's growth and development as a driver in 20188, in particular to consider a strong start for the year where there was a problem with technical identity with his & # 39 ; car to mislead itself.

Max Verstappen (NLD) Red Bull Racing marks its third place on podium

"At the beginning of the season everything went south," said Jos. "There are some movements that do not keep the way it wants, and its entirety is going on.

"[But] Max has not been so exciting, and has also been well prepared this year, "he said, going on to mark the second half of the 2018 campaign.

"America was good. Russia was good too. But Austria was also very important and good. Mexico was good, also for Brazil and in Abu Dhabi, it also did a great deal.

"But then, you can see that he has learned a lot, and that he has played a fantastic performance at almost every race."

The only hit on his copy book in the recent rounds has been the cross-racing change with Ocon in a close park at Interlagos, and will have to give two services for still being defined as & # 39; community service &

"I'm not sure to look like a copy," Verstappen remarked. "I believe they have already been very difficult for me, so let's do something that's right for me to do."

"I think it's going to make tea cups [FIA president] Jean [Todt], "Verstappen merchant devolved by Red Bull, Christian Horner.

After completing the three best rates in this year's drivers competition, Verstappen was awarded a FIA Gala Award this year, although offered to attend if "I can do it as a community service day ".

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