Maxima Latvia focuses on suitable shops and lower prices in Latvia


Latvia's main salesman, SIA Maxima Latvija, has just opened its seven-year new strategy, where users and staff have an important role. Their needs and value are matched by the growth of their entire enterprise agency, levels of excellence and investment that can reach up to 50 million euro this year in Latvia.

The new strategy aims to develop shopper shop experiences, expand the resource network closer to home, a range of product offerings, and more. At the same time as the field is expanded, its company has a & # 39; promises to continue to provide low prices for customers. An independent member of the board invited Maxima Latvia to the conversation Victor Troitsin.

– Research shows that price is now not essential for the criterion; the buyer learns. The type of product, quality and place of its shop is & # 39; an increasingly important role in choosing a source. Why do consumers choose Maxima Stores?

Also, Maxima's selling company, where we are studying seasonal sales, shows emotional feelings more important when choosing a store. The SKDS survey of people's business and macroeconomic impact techniques tells them that the most important criterion is to choose a source of resources and its accessibility, and this is the case. becoming more important. In addition, more and more respondents indicate that the atmosphere that is in place; Related in the shop, friendly service, a wide range and choice of healthy eating are important to them. However, it is not possible to say that product prices are no longer appropriate. Low prices remain one of the main electoral criteria. That's why Maxima Latvia launched a price reduction initiative at the beginning of last year to reduce the influence of inflation and to reach everyday needs for everyone. At the beginning of the year we dropped our regular prices to 1000 up to 40 per cent. In September, we set down prices in the Premium product group, which is a including, for example, beautiful caesans, new fish, wine, meat and other materials. At the same time, we have already reduced prices for housing chemicals. It is also important to confirm that its & # 39; price on regular standard prices, and this is already beyond its current diversity.

The results for these initiatives were just not only by Maxima's customers, but also appearing in macroeconomic indicators. In 2018, there were 2.54 per cent of food, alcohol and tobacco in Latvia at a level of 2.54, and inflation was within Maxima, as we say it, 0.35 per cent, so it did not reach even half per cent.

– Are these reasonable prices in all Maxima resources and wherever?

– Yes, for a price that is below the regular price, it is the same as both Maxima X, Maxima XX, and our new formats – sends in and backbacks. Work on this initiative has not stopped, we analyze it, and # 39; keep track of the situation, followed by the price reduction trend this year. It is also one of our new strategy initiatives for seven years – delivering the best value for money through effective working.

It should also be noted here that we do not have the benefit, not just on the # 39; low price but also the appropriate place. Maxima will store up to 50,000 items. In fact, the number of items in different source formats is different, as smaller sources have smaller spaces. However, we find out what we need every day in every store.

For example, last year, 25 different types of wine wine could be purchased at Maxima's stores – with pips, stones, blue, green, red, with mushroom flavor, with a taste of sugar wool and so on. -, 43 types of potatoes, dozens of citrus products. In December, there were only 32 types of citrus products in Maxima's stores and the demand was large. The sale of citrus classes in December was so high and in mathematical calculations, every resident in Latvia bought a proportion of one kilogram of average fruit in the Maxima store in December.

In addition, there are many other areas, for example, our business production material has been added to 16,000 new items throughout the year, which is currently for our customers. So, we can offer our customers our sales every day – they have everything they need, candles, decorations, flowers on their stores.

Last year we sold 320 tons of candles in Maxima's stores, which are as big as 60 African African starvans who are stressing. We have also estimated that you have bought so many watermelons that they can feed 70 elephants each year.

Similar to the flowering application, the number of flower bouquets sold last year has been so large and, when it turns to the number of residents in Latvia, all women Latvian has been getting a bouquet bought by Maxima. Since 8 March, I can safely say that every woman will also find at least one flower on these holidays – as can be seen by selling flowers in the last few years on 8 March at our online sources.

Last year we focused on a number of new movements, such as expanding our range of healthy foods and offering a wide range of products such as organic food, non-lactose, non-lactose, and a special offer for energy- actors and healthy lifestyles. When we opened Express shops, we reviewed the Master brand group by changing both packing and packaging. including 29 innovations in this sector. At this time there are 190 different materials available with the main banner.

We will continue to develop a range of future dairy products, and including the wishes and needs of our customers.

We will continue to develop our private trading names. Buyers realized that those products have the highest standard / price, because in many cases they have to pay for their brand.

– What's in a & # 39; share of private commercial marker items?

– Different in different groups. For example, the Saighdeir mark is 100 per cent of our produce, with a section of about 70 per cent in the bakehouse. There is also a wide range of materials in the product – cream product – pasta, oil, food with food. In principle, private commercial market materials can be found in all major product organizations – from new to business products.

– Shortly before, farmers and dairy farmers were disturbing that all of the milk liters sold in Latvia did not; come from a local area. Which area of ​​local food in the Maxima resources?

– Parts of goods, such as bread, where local food supply is nearly 100 per cent. Indeed, there are generalized genres that do not grow in Latvia, so they are taken from the warm lands. But there are also exciting moves here too. Thanks to the hot weather, the summer we sold sales in Latvia – about 2.5 tons.

When it comes to milk products at Maxima's shop, it should be noted that nearly 80% of our milk product range was made last year by local representatives. In addition, private business milk producers are home entrepreneurs.

We are particularly proud of working with many local providers, including local food makers. By achieving quality standards, we are happy to include their materials.

We are very active in cooperating with small Latvian milk producers, and as a result, many of the small producers have enabled them to maximize their potential. Transforming our source of sources. For example, for Zemists, the 50% trade number came to Lazdona milk maker – 34%, for Jaunpils milk – 24%, and Preiļi had more than 100% cheese. It should be stressed that this increase is considerably higher than the average increase in our milk department in our network.

We will also continue to & # 39; Co-operate actively with local megican representatives such as Kurzeme Meat Farm, Rezekne Meat Factory, Kumelīte, Ulbroka. In the Maxima sources, the Latvian pork sales department in 2018 was around 80 per cent. We also cooperate successfully with small bakers to give a great deal of attention in the departments. For example, in Madona there is a special position where the products made in the region are placed. Both bread, cheese, food are pulled and sweets.

– Are there so many representatives of local representatives only in the Maxima shop in Madona?

– Madona has separate stops where products are made in the area. The departmental department, on the other hand, is the results made in a specific section or section and are on our shelves not only in the special towns, but also in other Maxima sources. Indeed, in special city shops – in Talsi, Jelgava, Aizpute, Ķekava and Olaine – usually every shop in Latvian towns. In Madona, the stable block was created because it works with home professionals who can connect agents, deliver provision and deliver the essential books. As an initiative with an interest in the development of the Latvian economy, Maxima Latvija is often participating in business days in areas where it is " consider these opportunities, telling about the quality requirements and habits that need to be kept, because the quality of food must be the highest – safe and high quality, whether the producer big or high. little.

In addition to general requirements for food and quality safety, Maxima Latvia has developed its own levels for specific group organizations, which are introduced to providers. When we get our materials, our experts will be able to make sure that it is available; achieving these levels and only reach the shelves of the resources.

– The Maxima Group will be stored in Poland, in Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia. Is Latvian representation going to these sources through the Maxima group?

– As a case in Latvia, in other countries, local representation is largely honored. However, in fact, large, multi-national production in co-purchase will also go to stores in other countries. However, to do this, makers must also do homework – there must be an appropriate package, possibly for market specific products, and so on.

– Maxima Latvija The Chairman of the Board, Andris Vilcmeiers, said. Presenting a company's business strategy to 2025, there will be a year of new experience for Maxima customers this year.

– This year we will continue to expand our range to meet our customers' needs. To do this, we will analyze time to understand what the buyer wants, major changes in different types to provide the appropriate need in the format of each source.

We expect to increase the line of the main name, and to focus on quality and good materials, and Increasing the amount of fruit and vegetables can be obtained, and so on; make sure that there is a smooth range in stores so that customers can find their favorite material. We want to give our customers a personal offer, as well as developing our online platform to make online shops in a new and improved format. This year, customers who enjoy new tools and technologies are going to be able to do so. waiting for a lot of news.

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