Maybe the Samsung Galaxy Fold video may be proof that you do not buy t


Maybe a video that is showing is the Samsung Samsung Fold brand new to buy.

A smartphone that is highly recommended by Samsung is going to sell in the UK on 3 May, with a water price tag of $ 1,980 (£ 1,500).

The machine has a 4.6-inch shadow on the front and will open as a book to uncover the 7.3-inch flexible display on the inside.

But, a released video of the new device is active showing, even when it opens in full, there is a visual shade in the central display.

The video, which has watched nearly 900,000 times on YouTube, has been shared with Vietnam-based mobile phones which are broadcasting a company broadcasting phone.

Many of the people who comment on the video have highlighted the importance of the crease.

"OMG came to the crease mi nuothan! I waited after a few generations," wrote one beginner.

"This thing is just a short time and is very tight in the middle. $ 2,000 and a bet it will be split within three months of use. No, that's not enough." I am waiting for the next species or something like that, "said another.

Galaxy Fold

Another person is accused of Samsung trying the problem with the graphic electricity that appears on the company's inspiring images.

"I knew when the butterfly was on and the dark area in the middle they were trying to hide the clay," said the commenter. T

"They did the same thing as the holes buried.

Samsung Galaxy Fold is not clear whether it is prototype or the only mobile device that will take a cargo to customers in May.

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Foldable phones

Samsung had to develop new production processes for the phone bend, which has several connecting gear to allow it to stand up and close hundreds of thousands of hours.

The company says it can double 200,000 times before it shows any clothes and wear – which works out more than 5 years if you shut 100 times a day.

But, Bloomberg says that the number closer to 10,000 is – that it would be necessary for Samsung to offer a free screen.

Legend has it that the continuing fault on a protective film that covers the conversation laughter associated with the display sub-problem is a "Samsung effort" which is trying to "block" before deleting an investment.

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