Mayfield is managing Browns to win the first road in the years and a successful streak


The next step for the Cleveland Browns: Take a game outside Ohio.

It's not a tender now after the Browns have dropped on a 25-game road and a " miss a streak by hitting Cincinnati 35-20 on Sunday behind the visiting steps of the week; best of Baker Mayfield.

Cleveland has had a huge home-run impact for the first time in more than three years.

The Browns had a huge defense of Chincinnati, who had been the NFL-449.4 compliant rod each game, early and often, looking for two touchdown touches in the first quarter, and twice in the second quarter to take a 28-0 pick up and quickly put on five of their six properties in the game.

Mayfield looked at, achieving 73% of his passport after giving 85% when he was before, and also won for 4-6-1 and suddenly by & # 39; laughing heavily. Mayfield was not just given for the second game just and, with nine touchdowns in the face of just one communication over the last three years, Starting to show more consistently why it was like a # 39; first player introduced last year.

Myles Garrett, who was built in the same site earlier, impeded an attempt to visit Bengals 54-yard and also built the 10th seat of his season, and considered him among the league leaders in the division no.

"Good motives and good executions. My line and men play pictures," said Mayfield when asked to explain why things are working.

One of these plays included a fascinating catch by Nick Chubb.

Andy Dalton quarterback Bengals left in the third quarter as a result of the loss of thumb and did not return. Cleveland had been admitted to the second yard against each game, but it closed to Dalton and Jeff Driskel, although the Bengals put a short race behind Driskel.

Browns Damon Damallious Randall delivered his main coach Hue Jackson, who is now a special assistant with Cincinnati after having been burned by Cleveland last year, the ball after he translated Dalton. Randall said earlier this week that the Browns would be disturbing the world to benefit if the keeper RJ Bengals A.J. The green could not be & # 39; play (Green Green was sitting).

"This team is very frightening now," Randall said after his game.

The streak that won its first prize in Cleveland from 2014 and his & her; The first time since 2007 the team has not put a sack in continuous games.

"Two games in a series that do not crawl, without anxiety. That's the aim and that must be an inspiration," said Mayfield.


There is still no dead.

The person who did not protect Philadelphia Eagles, who was a? Super Bowl protection, has been running around Carson Wentz as many have been. expecting them, but got a bit of life with 25-22 win on New York Giants Sunday.

The Jake Elliott's 43-yard garden went out with two pages leaving a two-game skipper for the eagles, which grew up to 5-6 and stayed in The Dallas and Washington scene, which the team will be able to. participating in interesting games.

Eli Manning was currently disturbing the Giants, who was a 19-3 guides in the second season and kept connecting his game after Philadelphia was ahead of his career. fourth quarter.


The 49ers said that they were doing their best efforts on Reuben Foster's re-trees to shape the & # 39; first round of the 2017 draft, saying that they would be considered as high as the third place. After his resignation on Sunday after the second homage of domestic violence (alongside other legal matters), the team's general manager, John Lynch, says "we need to learn from the process and we and we

"At the end, we have to be alone and myself. I think that most of it is just a disappointment," said Lynch.

Foster completed 16 games for the 49ers, who dropped to Jameis Winston and Tampa Bay Sunday and are tied to Oakland for the worst league in the league.


Rob Gronkowski received his first visit tour since Week 1 was late in & # 39; win the first season of New Englands … ESPN told Sunday on Sunday that "there was enough hope" that Alex Smith could return one day to football despite the casualties ; last week … Some of the leading non-executive players in the NFL Sunday: Pierre Garcon, Alfred Morris, Sam Darnold, AJ Green, Marcell Dareus, Joe Flacco and Alex Collins … According to Profootballtalk. com, some of Baltimore's players believe that John Harbaugh's coach leader is out if the team does not. making the playoffs. The Ravens defeat Oakland 34-17 on Sunday as a result of the second half. Harbaugh has been managing Baltimore to the three AFC Competition Games and one winning Super Bowl in the 11 years, but the club has been around .500 (or worse) in each Of the four seasons that went off … Tampa Bay's help into Mike Evans and Green and Randy Moss were the only player with 1,000 who got gardens in each of their first seasons. Evans are the youngest for performing the job.

GAIDHLIG-A & # 39;

Jameis Winston made a case for his job by going out of the season on Sunday.

It seems that it's coming to a low level of San Francisco, Tampa Bay's license may not be a lot of it's missing. climbing between Winston, it's a total election form 1, and Ryan Fitzpatrick's inconsistent day-of-year.

Winston threw for 312 yards, which included two touchdown touches, and was not installed for his & her; the first time in his six scenes. He did not fumble too. It is an exhibition to build on, especially when it is done with the last week's best work in the 38-35 defeat to New York Giants.

Fitzpatrick has special occasions, especially to start the year when Winston was arrested, and Winston must pay the full salary the next season if he did not; he went there, but it seems that he does not destroy them. It might be fine at the end of the job for good.

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