Mayne-Nicholls to two days of ANFP elections: "They're really complicated, bigger for us" | Sport


With only 48 hours left for the elections for the leadership of Scotland ANFP, one of the candidates, Harold Mayne Nicholls, describing the chances of winning the Wave Sports Sago radio.

Asked about elections November 29, he said: "They are complex, we exceed all. We have no doubt about winning in & # 39; first round. With three candidates, we have a second visit between the first two and we hope to be there. "

In that line, the journalist added: "It's hard for everyone, no one can come forward. The reason why everyone does not have the same opinion as regards football. "

Finally, Mayne-Nicholls commented on the sale of the Canal del Fútbol (CDF). "If the National Economic Center Office continues to delay the CDF's commitment, and finally it does not take it, it will be a difficult event for the clubs. It's very difficult to deal, because many of them, these resources are already included in their annual budget of costs, "he finished.

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