Mayol is superb good, in tailspin against the INDH leader: "I have not heard any word about the young people in cars and I can not learn"


A good way to calmly return to the agricultural world business, the old Earl of Araucanía Luis Mayol is Continue to interpret statements interpreting the events that have taken away to an office. When Piñera President traveled to the area last Friday, he was waiting for him at his last Friday, Airport and gave a detailed interview to El Mercurio over the weekend. Today he spoke again with the papers.

Mayol said he's feeling like the crisis in the area, inspired by the murder of Camilo Catrillanca

"Around me they put me as seabirds, both journalists and politicians," he said to Radio Agricultura. And when they asked him if the government was broken by, he replied: "For Carabineros, as an institution, I was justified by the person who committed that crime and with the but the rest of the center fulfills its duties correctly. Here, the general payment of your colonel, "he said.

His Chief Executive had more important words; formerly in relation to Consuelo Contreras, director of Human Rights Institute.

"This truth started with the attack and robbery of tutors and young people who were thrown away. They were driving their cars. Someone has been worried to find out what they are or what happened with those cars. Does someone care about it? No one. The person who is a director of human rights is very worried, because she is accountable, for the worst effects that the minister could have for the incident, but I have not heard any of the people in those cars or the students of This school says the teacher can not investigate because they heard bullets every day, "he criticized.

Lastly, he proves that he analyzes having a & # 39; gives himself as a candidate for a regional governor when the law allows the new election of regional authorities. "That law is very bad and it creates a situation that poses many hopes, but it does not have power, so it has to be changed," he said.

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