Mayor Sozopol Panayot Reyzi has given 2 million leva, his colleague of Zlatitsa – 1 million leva (Obzor)


The money for his repair in the village of Inverness was given to someone who had nothing to do with them

The procurator fiscal's office has recorded costs for the negligence of the bailiff of Major Zlatitsa Magdalena Ivanova and his colleague Sozopol Panayot Reyzi Monday. Ivanova is from the BSP and Rezey is GERB's mayor and has led the 12-year-old marine community.

Raysey's investigation is about 33 repairs on streets, buildings, kindergarten and village cleaning. He is indicted that he has assigned BGN 2 mln.

"24 hours" asked for an opinion, but the phone didn't answer all day.

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From the evidence gathered, it is clear from August 2014 to March 27, 2017, that Reyes has secured the large amount with a town councilor who has not yet been paid.

Signed by the mayor, for example, money was allocated to deal with the effects of flooding in 2014. Then heavy rainfall stopped the city. The main Bourgas-Sozopol road and many places were dried with floods.

Other repairs where money is allocated in a nursery. On 1 June 2016, Reyzi opened the refurbished Kindergarten garden of "Zdravets" personally. It has a soft floor with new climbing frames, swings and other children's facilities installed. According to official information, the repairs were carried out by the budget of Sozopol with budget money.

However, the Ombudsman's investigation tells us that Rezey was using secret contracts and private invoices. The money was transferred to someone who did not have a business on the repairs company, who replies. The accused state refuses to say who it is. He begins to look at the relationship with the mayor.

Freedom against subscription is raised. The law is prepared for 10 to 20 years in prison if there is evidence of guilt at court, as well as reinstatement.

Prior to becoming a factor in 2007, Reesey was the head of a town and sub-lord council. T For his second term, he emerged as an independent person, backed by GERB, and last year Tsvetan Tsvetanov had his personal party's book at a regional conference in Pomorie.

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in front of the local parliament. “We call it a call, but at first we want to know the complaints thoroughly. I believe in Bulgarian justice. Because Sofia City Solicitor's Office is dealing with the factor, which means they have real evidence. Those are large sums, ”said 24 hours", councilor Tim Yanakiev. "He is a BSP representative and was a competitor to build in the last election.

Yanakiev confirmed that real construction and assembly work had taken place between 2014 and 2017, but it was surprising that they received the money paid for someone's account rather than the contractor.

"I can't give a comment because I don't know the case," said Dimitar Boychev, GERB Area Co-ordinator.

According to local people, Reese was expecting the Interim's Office's intervention and so had recently declared that the word “GERB” would not go ahead for a new term, that he would run as an independent person.

Over the years, the name Reesey has been associated with several scandals, but the mayor has, at the end, been clear.

A colleague of Raisei of Zlatitsa Magdalena Ivanova was charged with charging money under the same scheme as early as 2017.

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half of these provided.

This is the school "St. Paisii Hilendarski". It was repaired by a private company with a private company for BGN 100,000. Afterwards Ivanova named the regional governor Emil Ivanov that the school had not been repaired and needed money. As a result of these accurate data contained in the report Ivanova received a new tax on Monday.

For the BGN 2.1 million rate in 2014, the company mayor "Radovanov – Mladenov R M". without public contract.

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of the budget under the Growth and Sustainable Development Program of the Departments. Of all out of 2.1 million reported that half of the tasks were not carried out, a report by the State Financial Investigation Group (PFIA) shows. Initially, building activities that were not for BGN 700,000 are reported.

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According to the PIFC report, the state has invested in two survey boxes, one of which was put in operation in 2005. The other building would have to be the chair but the children went to the chair. meals at Zlatitsa social support.

GERB Aleksandar Ivanov MP conspired with the PIFC report data year ago, but the accused said that she had already accused her of committing this. The new data is that it has wrongly entered the wrong data for the area governor so the state can spend more money on the school.

Magdalena Ivanova was born in 1972, graduated from Sofia Technical University. Besides the engineer, he is a pilot. Mayor Zlatitsa from 7 years

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