Mayoral elections: in Koper, the second round will be tougher than in Maribor #video


In 56 towns, which did not win at Sunday's local elections, there is a second round of magic elections. In Maribor, the connoisseurs are assigned to businessman and guest Saša Arsenovič as the main leader of Franz Kangler. Pre-telling who is the first one in Mayoral elections in Koper is harder.

Residents Maribor who did not support the current president on Sunday, according to the prejudice Andreja Fištravca, they want to start again, they reported in Planet Today on Planet TV.



Why do Popovic be scared how they gave Logar and why Maribor should not fall #analysis




Zorko: Arsenovich has more choices in the second round of Kangler

Election partnership was over the past with a selection partnership, which also surprised political analysts Andraž Zorka from Valicon. "In Maribor, we are particularly talking about the thousands of thousands of voters that emerged in this election," a & # 39; Zorko explains.

Maribor's decision was up to 31 per cent compared to the previous elections. He likes to & # 39; Most voters have previously been a former teacher Franz Kangler At the head of his home was a political user Sašo ArsenovičaThe "Even in the remaining votes, that is, in the votes of the remaining candidates, I see more resources for Arsenovich," Zorko is a " Commenting on the second round of a second visit.

Kangler. Арсенович.


In Maribor, the second round: Arsenovic says better than Kangler #video




In Koper, he will be closer than in Maribor

The seaman also receives a second tour in Koper. It is very easy for local people to remember this fall only in Čudolandija and light in the early New Year lights, but above all the falls after the long warden Boris PopovichaSouth Westerly

"If people get tired and think they can give them more and give better improvement, why not," about the second trip in which he Move with Aleš Bržan, Said Popovic.

Boris Popovich


Popovich needs to go to the second round, Aleš Bržan #foto #video




Popovich, according to Planet TV, can also hear stones, as a result of the compromise of his companions. "The campaigns in the votes of third-level candidates are very large, and there is an agreement between their first visit. If everyone else votes this vote for Bržana, he can be the Bržan at the end of his & # 39; seaman ", which highlights Zorko.

At the same time, he says that a Mayoral race in Koper has not yet been determined and that the result is more difficult than Maribor. "It's likely that someone will oppose the choice now that Popovic will not be a master, and so he will come to the polls and voting for Popovic," Zorko added.

Step: In Koper, I expect the two camps to be completely moved

Analyst Primož Cirman on the maritime elections. Video: Planetary TV

Journalist Primož Cirman In the survey of local elections for Planet TV, at the same time, he evaluated that we were today to see a referendum on the # Mayor Popovic and its development model of the town in Koper on Sunday.

"We know that Koper has been developing intensively in recent years, but at the same time is the largest city of heritage in the country. This development model is not similar to its Everyone, some wisely say that Koper has grown to Las Vegas, "a & # 39; focuses on Cirman. The problem is particularly the Popovich settlement style, which is sometimes too aggressive.

Local elections: Zoran Jankovic


Jankovic is scattered by competition, in his / her advice; home with most #foto #video




As Cirman says, Bržanov's greatest trick is that it is different from Popovič, more calm and in conflict, avoid direct compromise. "Instead of attacking Popovic, Popovic has been attacking his own candidates, that is, from a strategic, independent," said Cirman, expecting high voters to appearing and the two camps in the second round of the victorian elections in Koper.

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