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(Long Bai, the news reporter, Central Center, Taipei, 18) The largest foreign president of Super Basket League (SBL), basketball team of Daxin's men's basketball team, Mayo, His first visit today, his physical education has not come back, the listeners only achieved 14 points, 6 support, Daxin defeated 85 to 106, lost to beer Taiwan.

OJ Mayo is the 3rd overall election in the Draft NBA 2008. He played in the NBA in the 8th season and is the most prominent stranger in the SBL history. However, he did only his first half and he did not play in the first half but. 9 minutes and 56 seconds, 1 of 5 shots did not accept only 3 points and 3 passes.

In the second half, Mayo made some change and restart. In the third quarter, he grew up in his mind. He hit 3 visits in 5 scenes, including 3 points, 2 free throws, and 5 free tours. He clarified 11 points in one verse. In the third season, after playing a play game for Taiwanese defender, the great pass was made to the layup basketball team, the amazing exhibition of the full house won.

Daxin was 37-58 in the first half. In the third season, Mayo gave the army out of his / her; war, but the high level garden supported by a 3-point high-power fire, so that Daxin could not stop the gap. In a & # 39; Fourth quarter, even though it has moved to 5 small series, Unfortunately, its impact is still limited, and finally it will intersect with 21 points.

Seskus Edvinas is the highest score of 24 points in the Lithuanian Sea by Seskus Edvinas. Igor Zaytsev also has 21 points and 15 replies of duplicate documents. Jiang Yanan also noted the twin show of 15 points and 10 support.

Daxin is the tallest senior scorer of Lin Yihui local expert. He has 8 concepts and 4 support. The struggle for Song Yuxuan support is very poor. It was out of 10 out of 1 in 10 scenes and 17 points in the team. Lian (Anthony McClain) hit 6 points, 12 concepts, 2 support and 2 faces. (Editor: Weng Cuiping) 1071118

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