Mazda CX5 driver moved directly to the ditch


Mazda CX5 car driver car directly to the magic ditch, causing the car to go to the car. getting involved, so the driver was not badly bad.

It is known that the event will take place on November 20, in Taurus, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi.

According to information from witnesses present at the accident, car Mazda CX5 A young (unidentified) young man will drive a car when he or she is; drive a car and stretch straight down the embankment near the Taurus River and its; stretching straight to horrible.

The car crash Mazda CX5 two-car car crash
Mazda CX5 flows down the drain.

After the crash, the car Mazda CX5 started into the ditch The water was swept up to the air and it was badly damaged. After the event, the people that were nearby the driver out of their cars, fortunately, their injuries are not badly injured; this woman.

Get information from people, the site was active at the site to find out the cause of the event and help to take the car out of the drainage ditch.

Previously, on the afternoon of November 14, on Duong Vuong Street, Baile Lao Cai (Tir Lao Cai), a female driver who drives Mazda CX5 While he was & # 39; supporting the car, he hit the puddler suddenly and went to another car. Lastly, her car moved over her. pavement, which falls just to the Red River bank.

According to Anh Tuan / Vietnamnet

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