Mazda, Toyota's breakdown of a new joint venture center in Alabama


The last one we heard about Mazda and Toyota was to build a joint venture factory in January, when the news was first published. Now, less than a year later, they have already broken land.

Mazda and Toyota announced Friday that the two automated devices have broken ground at a $ 1.6 billion manufacturing center in Huntsville, Alabama. When it is going on, which is on its slate for 2021, the plant will capacity 300,000 vehicles per year and create 4,000 jobs.

"We are proud to be here with Toyota, with whom we are most successful in manufacturing," said Kiyotaka Shobuda, senior executive director of Mazda, in a statement. "We're proud to break a home on this page in Huntsville."

Until this week, we knew that Toyota had plans to build a Corolla in Huntsville, we did not know who one was.


When it comes online, the center will start a joint venture to build the 12th generation Toyota Corolla, which has recently been published. It will be responsible for the construction of a new Mazda case that is still to be published. There are already Mazda's comments, there are two trailers such as the CX-3 and CX-5, as well as three lines of a series such as the CX-9, which is any idea; about what will stay in this place.

To mark the wild, Mazda and Toyota also showed a big contribution. The two automotive operators give $ 750,000 to support STEM programs that are related to Alabama. $ 500,000 will go to the Huntsville Madison County Room Foundation, and it will help to creating a new online platform that will show students to & # 39; job creation. The remaining $ 250,000 will be divided into six school areas to encourage interest in technical programs that correspond to manufacturing.

The facility in Huntsville is the Mazda's first factory in the US, not to Counting the short time he had been sharing with Ford. Toyota already has a facility in Huntsville, which is responsible for building V6 and V8 engines for its SUVs and trucks.

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