Mazza's person asked her to lose weight and she defends her


"I thought it was very funny," said the model defended orders after Alejandro Gravier, although he clarified that he was not "tightened"

Mazza's person asked her to lose weight and she defends her

Valeria Mazza: from the low profile to be in the sight of the storm / web

Valeria Mazza made a long-term career, far away from the chains: a & # 39; A main module, not to get into the weak type and has ever chosen the image and the low distance to maintain its beauty. So far: in the last few weeks he has been sending a series of disputes for his statements, trying to talk on Saturday in "PH We can talk."

First, Valeria spoke about women and said she thinks it's amazing that women who have fought for their rights after many years of inequality, but "I do not; I loved when women's women lost this struggle. We do not have to stay in the same place as men because we are not equal. We came to the world for a variety of things. "

For the end, when killed on Twitter, days later, he invited the program with Mirtha Legrand, Mazza told her husband's requests, Alejandro Gravier, after her -related four of illnesses and more controversy. "Is it true that I've originally shown you a picture and I said you need to be depressed again as this picture?" "The diva asked her. She answered boldly and, laughing, he said:" Yes. Lady, lady! "

It was the answer of the tissue; Last year, the reason for this weekend that left the old module to decibel the position in "PH, we can talk" can be reduced and protected against Gravier following the arguments that received their ideas: "I made my smile" because it seemed like it. I think it's funny. But after Gravier tyrant, that's not that anyway. "

"I enjoyed it very much with my deputies. I got 20 kilometers of grain. I did not work so much because they enjoyed them. Then I would work well and be & # 39: going back to work. That's why my children have been three years ago: it took me a while to get back and get back to work. I enjoyed it They did not ask anything to me, "he explained.

When the driver, Andy Kusnetzoff asked if there was anxiety in post, the model replied: "Yes, but badly. Five days after I was born, I was at home with people and I started crying and I said: "The hormone is, it's pretty good." And people watched me. Alejandro said: "That's over , nothing happens ".

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