MC Dai Nghia's dance plays Thanh Bach's smile


Thursday, November 22, 18 07:00 AM (GMT + 7)

When the male MC plays a flying dancing, he does not sit under MC Qingbuk's & # 39; laughter back.

Dai Nghia's talent left to play MC Thanh Bach is stealing her

Dai Nghia na MC is famous for high levels of sand. One time he needed the message he had to; get half-billion as high as Hoai Linh's comedy. Dai, aged 39, said he does not work for money or reputation, but it should be removed.

During the launch The challenge On the evening of November 20, Dai Nghia was delighted when inviting to fly feathers were invited. This is because he was watching ballet dancers; performing equals such as MCs.

Cat's male's Hoai Linh senior male leaves Thanh Bach smiley - 1

MC Dai Nghia was hosted by a flying dancing on the stage

When the artist Chand Minh Minh just rules the basic rules of MC men ready to spend glasses. The test was not really good but Dai Nghia built on how he found the prompt proposals quickly. According to it, observers need to evaluate the bills for the object: "Why is this so quiet place, put something on every garden. I noticed long and I was doing its mail below. as the singer. But so there is a place for me for a thousand.

However, Dai Nghia continued to make fair feathers. The words of the bills are the "observer" of the MC men who give Thanh Bach a & # 39; laughter. Dai Nghia wanted to have been quiet for his accomplishment.

MC MC's Hoai Linh cat-male male makes Thanh Bach smiley - 2

Sitting downstairs, MC Qingak can not be a laughter before making a Dai Nghia show

Nam MC does not share this simple thing: "The heavy tools are more easily balanced than the soft things such as feathers, which are difficult to balance. In addition to burning Cia it also has a division, so it is difficult to measure who is the challenger and who also means it's wrong. "Challenges" have to make 3.4 weeks, because they are happy to work hard and well-being. There are many issues where the reporter is mistakenly criticized because many "Challenges" perform less than those who use a long time.

Also at the media conference, artist of Minh Minh Hung and pupils have done a number of things such as dancing, shade, dance, knife, wine dancing … These are high performance displays that require clarification. Technology, justice to balance the balances together with the help of dance.

Male MC's high-quality male Hoai Linh produces gun Thanh Bach gun-3

The indigenous artist Le Minh Hung fulfills a problematic issue

This program allows ordinary people to overcome their own borders to try out previous areas such as fire, plastic, artistic art, circus, magic … every ordinary person is a "challenge", After 3 to 4 weeks of use they play on the platform with the professionals. The program will start on its first program on THVL1 on Sunday 21st from 2.12.

Hoai Linh church built

How beautiful the church is, how different & # 39; The home of Hoai Linh is different.

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